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    Why is the USPA making it more difficult for new jumps to enter the sport? As a coach, I understand the need for training and staying proficient. The problem I see, if you have checked the incidents, is the "Sky Gods" (1000 plus jumper). Most if not all of the canopy collisions have been with the most experienced jumpers.
    We need to Check Ourselves when jumping. Take responsibility instead of blaming everything and everyone else for the mistakes we make not only in skydiving but in life. Vent over.

    You disagree with the new canopy piloting portion of the licensing system?

    Which part is new? Looking here at 3.1.E for an A license, it doesn't look like anything has changed:

    I'm about to send in my paperwork to obtain the A license; is there something I'd be missing besides the Proficiency card and USPA membership application?

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    Make me spell big words and go to cocktail parties and mingle!!

    History has shown that you cannot spell big nor small words. :|

    You realize he's posting in a foreign-to-him language, don't you?

    BTW, that's big OR small words. Grammar and all.

    actually nor would be more appropriate since the second part is also negative. just to be a grammar nazi :P

    Papers, please.
    "Nor" would be appropriate if you said "neither big nor small words". But without the "neither", it must be "or", not "nor".

    In the alternative, one could say, "you cannot spell big words, nor can you spell small words". There is also the "either-or / neither-nor" distinction, which includes implied words. Thus the sentence violates that rule, too. Since the offending sentence implies the word "either", and not "neither" (and implied words count in grammar), the proper coordinate conjunction is "or", not "nor".

    Using 'nor' was correct, if theonlyski meant to say that shah could not spell big words, and cannot spell small words. "Nor" is inclusive, meaning both cases are what shah cannot spell. "Or" is exclusive, meaning one or the other. The "rule" lies in the meaning of the word. If theonlyski meant to say that shah cannot spell big words, or cannot spell small words, one or the other, then 'or' would be correct. From context, it seems as though theonlyski meant to say that shah could spell neither one. If this was the case, 'nor' is the appropriate word to use.

    *shooting star*
    The more you know...

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    Ahhh... yet ANOTHER generation of grasshopper's asking the proverbial question: "but isn't the skydive itself just already enough excitement as it is?" ..."I will never want for anything more.

    Sure kid(s). Check in with us again (and this post yourself in retrospect) in say 5 or so years. That is, unless too, yer "just passin' through".


    Which post gave you that idea? I guess I'm not that great at reading into things that aren't really there. Maybe that will also come with experience?

    As for the OP, I would love to start swooping when I get plenty of experience. Watching people skimming across ponds is just plain exciting to see; I can only imagine what it's like to be the one doing it.

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    I know the guys are up to their eyes in work but maybe it's just me. Let's fix things that need to be fixed and keep them fixed rather than worry about slowing down things such as linkedin or limiting google searches.

    I'm willing to bet the web traffic filters were in place far before you started having trouble printing. They only take a minute to set up anyway. Changing them to allow people searching crazy bitches, however, would take away from the real problem; printing. Speaking of, why are you printing anyway? We have PDFs now. The last 2 offices I worked at have been paperless offices, and we did great. Why not start talking to your bosses about going paperless instead? Take the printers (which are a common item to fail in an office environment) out of the equation altogether.

  5. I'm still too new to be able to help much, but watching videos / movies is part of how I learned many maneuvers in snowboarding, inline skating, mountain biking, etc.
    When I started inline skating, I would watch other skaters in skating movies perform certain maneuvers over and over again, seeing which parts of their body were positioned over a rail and how far, watching their body twist, seeing which parts turned first and how hard they were pushing. Same with snowboarding and mountain biking. For some reason, watching and studying others who were much better than me made me learn things SO much faster.
    Again, I'm so new to skydiving that I'm not sure it will help me as much as other sports, but I haven't exactly watched many skydiving videos either. I've been sticking to talking to other skydivers at my drop zone and asking them to show me how they do it on the practice table. If I had the opportunity to ask those people in the videos to show me in person what to do, it would be far more helpful than just watching their videos. Couldn't hurt though.

  6. You seem to have pretty good credentials. There's a write-up of you on a company's website, and you weren't very difficult to find through Google, so you at least have a few records outside of a resume that speak of patents you have written and such. You also share a name with a lead developer of an extremely popular video game, so your name has some competition there, yet you still pull up pretty easily by searching your name and the state you live in. Google yourself and see what pulls up easiest. Elaborate on these on your resume, and this will help validate your experience. Once you have doctored your resume, search for recruiters in your area in the field you want to work in. A recruiter will not see your credentials, take into consideration that you no longer want to do what you do now, and help you find a job unrelated to your experience. They will send you offers for jobs that match your experience, so it will probably be best just to get in touch with them and see what jobs they have available through their website.

    I would advise you to know exactly what you want to do, and tailor your resume to fit that job description. Going through a recruiting agency sucks. You end up with job offers that you don't want, and you may get stuck with either only temp jobs, or having your pay based on what the recruiting agency makes off of you; not what you are worth. Really think about that before you jump into that boat.

    (Apologies in advance for finding your personal information online. It was mostly a test to see how well-known you are in your field. You shouldn't be surprised though; this is the information age, and you already shared enough personal information here to make my search easy. And, well, I'm good at this shit. ;))

  7. To help you out, I was going to host a proxy on my site that would direct the results to a "bitches be crazy" search and see if it would get past your filter. Problem is, there was really nothing interesting coming back from the result. Here are the best results from the first page of a standard Google search, and a Google Image search:

    (may or may not work, being as it's on facebook's image hosting)


    Hope this helps!

    EDIT: Oh, and the obligatory NSFW pic. Must have forgotten being as boobs don't catch my eye.

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    First requires premeditation, doesn't it?

    Yes, first degree means premeditated and deliberate. This case could also fall under manslaughter if he had hired a lawyer that would have pushed the "heat of passion" defense, but since the kid was unarmed, it would have been tough.

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    I've been on dates with girls who after dinner we go out and she asks if she can invite friends...i say sure and here come the cocks.

    We've gotta start going on double dates. I love it when I go on a date and all of a sudden, here come the cocks.

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    "Stonehenge tured."

    I think that's a "tureci," no?

    I know this image is posted as a joke, but...

    Captcha uses a system that takes a word from an old book that they scanned in and pairs it with a "real" word. Only the "real" word counts, and will still allow you to continue. Many times, you'll get a real word and a part of a word that was scanned. Only one of those matter though. Chances are, if you know one of the words (or can decipher it) and just put in letters for the other word, it'll pass.

    So if you end up with a word like in the image and you don't feel like hitting "refresh," just go for it.

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    Yes, I am doing this for fun and I get great enjoyment out of jumping out of a plane.

    I'm just the impatient type who doesn;t like to have things hinder me, whether I am doing serious or fun stuff.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, you're not dead. You're only a little hurt. Don't be angry at yourself that you got hurt, because, again, you just launched yourself out of an airplane. It could have been MUCH worse.

    Your posts come across as you just wanting to get through AFF, no matter the cost. What happens then though? You still make jumps out of an airplane and have just as much fun as you're having now. If you're having fun during AFF, why the rush to be done with it? I can understand if you want to hurry up and get a license so that you can jump at other drop zones, but other than that, why the hurry?

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    I'm angry at myself for letting myself get hurt. It's been 4 months since I hurt my foot on a landing, and now this.

    ... You hurled yourself out of an airplane at the ground from thousands and thousands of feet up in the air, and you lived to talk about it. If that's not putting things into perspective, are you sure you're doing this for fun?

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    4 pages of posts and only 1 photo of Shah, posted by himself? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I had to prove I exist and what I kind of look like.
    I'm actually more interested in the t shirts.
    But it's cool.

    I'm still under the impression that you're a Cylon, but that's just me.

  14. I blew my ankle out snowboarding in the winter of 2009 - 2010, and was stuck on crutches for a few months. Here's what I learned on them:

    First and foremost, putting weight on the top of a standard crutch hurts like a bitch after a short time. Wrap towels around the shoulder holder, and duct tape it there so it doesn't fall off when you're trying to walk.

    You can get a lot of momentum by swinging yourself from one side of a hallway to another. If you jump forward a bit and put the rubber stopper on the ground, you can swing yourself without having to touch your feet on the ground. If you swing yourself high enough, you can catch air. If you have enough air, you can land back on the crutches without having to put your feet down. After a couple of months, I was able to do a 180 and land with most impact on the crutches, and balancing my landing with my good foot. Practice by first making really long strides on the crutches, and landing on your good foot only.

    Stairs are a bitch on crutches. Don't bother using them properly. Instead, hop on your good foot down the stairs. When you get really fast at it, it's more of a controlled fall, and looks really cool.

    You can walk on just the crutches themselves. Lift your feet and use them as if they were stilts attached only to your arms. If you have already been working at this, try landing on one crutch, do a 270 on it and land forward. Minimal effort, lots of style.

    As for handling drinks, I bought a nalgene and a caribiner, and attached my drink to my belt loop.

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    I never understood the people who want to participate in extreme sports, but want to do so without the risk of injury or death. Sure, I try to be as safe as I can when I'm doing the sports I love, but if there's no risk involved in it, it stops being fun for me.

    There are more ways to enjoy things than just adrenalin rushes.

    For me kayaking is about exploring nature and getting some upper body exercise at the same time, not adrenalin rushes. A calm sea, a setting sun and paddling up near some sea bird can be magical. The risks of injury and death only prevents me from kayaking in some weathers, it doesn't make it more fun.

    Kayaking on a calm sea is not an extreme sport.