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  1. Sorry for the delay in updating: The doctor, after an X-ray, sent me to a specialist who ordered an MRI. They still don't know what's causing the injury, though. There are no tears or cysts and the whole shoulder "looks great." There are two rotator cuff muscles on my right side that are very weak for no apparent reason. Up next, I will be tested for nerve issues. The doctor also said that I can jump again as it won't make the situation any worse (I think I'll try a tandem again first, just to see if the problem persists). She also said that she suspects the injury will just vanish in time. More info when they finally figure it all out.

  2. I will certainly tell the doctor everything, I just wasn't sure if there was anything that a doctor should know about skydiving in particular to help them understand the issue. My top priority is my health and safety.

    Saskia, thank you for letting me know that tandems will still be an option if all else fails.

    I did tell my instructor, but he didn't seem concerned. He brushed it off, so I've sought counsel here while I wait for my doctor's appointment. The soreness is very minimal the day of jumping--it's the following days that it interferes with my abilities. Even then, I can move it every direction, it just isn't happy. I've grounded myself until the doctor's appointment and follow-up treatment. Fortunately, safety first was drilled into my head by a coach before I ever started AFF.

  3. Hi everybody!

    I am an AFF student who has completed the C1 jump (I repeated the A jump) for a total of four student jumps. My right rotator cuff has given me trouble at points in the past, but is usually not troublesome. Here is a rundown:

    1. Cat A jump = fine, no soreness after
    2. Vertical Wind Tunnel for 4 minutes = some soreness
    3. Cat A jump repeat = some soreness
    4. Cat B and Cat C1 jumps in the same day = soreness for about a week

    The only other factor was that my rotator cuff does not like when I drive. I was driving for numbers 2-4 which certainly made things worse. The DZ is so far from where I live that getting someone to drive me only happened the first time.

    I work out regularly at the gym with a friend who is a trainer and he makes sure my rotator cuff is strong and that I don't misuse it. After my jumps with soreness, he saw me favoring the rotator cuff and immediately made me stop until it was better (the first times it was just a few days--the last time was about a week).

    I have made a doctor's appointment (at the end of the month) and will address my rotator cuff then. Is there anything I should ask or say that is specific to skydiving (other than telling my doctor the whole story)?

    I'm terrified that I won't be able to jump again or that I will need surgery if I want to finish AFF (since my friend has already built a strong rotator cuff--or as strong as my body will allow). With that in mind, can I still do tandems? If during freefall I can keep my arms in, that would protect my rotator cuff. Is that okay or does tandem freefall position require my arms to be out?

    Any tips on what exactly the doctor needs to know would be appreciated, as well as any workaround solutions. Thank you!

    Blue Skies