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Dropzone Reviews posted by gnasher70

  1. I did my first jump here ages ago and have been back and forth on occasion just to see if it got any better. In the 17 yrs I have known the place its just got worse as the staff get more and more ancient and grumpy every year. They have no idea of customer care and I guess they think they don't need any as they charge what they like and the one off tandems who don't know until its too late keep rolling up back and keep them in business. If another DZ opened in the South East this place would fold overnight. I tried to talk a friend out of doing a tandem here and he went ahead and jumped. What should have been one of his most exciting and memorable days of his life was ruined by obnoxious, rude and unsympathetic inefficient staff. Please don't give these guys your well earned money. There are so many better DZ's around where you will be welcomed. Its worth the extra travel. If you have a good time here and for some weird reason enjoy the non existent social scene then you are very very much the exception. This place should be avoided at all costs. Oh check out the safety record too. Enough said. STAY AWAY!
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