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  1. This should be an article about how AADs have saved lives, not about jump numbers. All I'm hearing is sit down why the sky gods go play. I have 425 jumps over 4 active years. I have been on those large track and angle dives, and have never had a problem staying with the formation. Thruth is your DZ preaches safety to the industry while having a horrible safety record. Kind of remindes me when a pilot told me "I've ran an airplane out of fuel 4 times so I think I know how to manage fuel." Rather than shutting people out for not meeting your specifications, why don't you try taking them in. I've been to your DZ and 31 others across the country. I have never been treated as poorly as I was in AZ. Ps. Try putting your least experienced jumpers upfront by the leader. That way the leader can set the pace of the slowest tracker. You may not get the best track but you will all stay together.