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Dropzone Reviews posted by thrillstalker

  1. I had been wanting to go skydiving my entire life, so when my buddy asked me to go for his 21st birthday I finally had the motivation to do it. I jumped tandem with instructor chuck. He really set me at ease with the whole jumping out of an airplane thing, and was very professional when it came to jumping instructions but was also very friendly and easy going. all the other staff was this way too. It was nice to feel as welcome on my first jump as veteran skydivers are. the environment at the farm is one I have never encountered before or after. It an amazing place. There was a large group of us that jumped so I had some time to waste waiting on everyone. I asked so many questions about skydiving and certification, I'm surprised they didn't tell me to shut up. but that's how the farm is. everyone was very helpful and since my first jump I have been saving to do the a license package jump that only the farm offers. I start the third weekend of July and cant wait to get in the air. I recommend the farm to anyone who wants a friendly and professional environment to skydive.