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  1. Who is liying

    Canadian skydiver in USA. Since 1975, I traveled over USA for skydiving. Massachusetts, Florida, New York, New Jersey, California, Arizona, Illinois, Nevada, Carolina North and South, Texas etc… AND NEVER any DZ asked me for USPA membership when I presented my CSPA membership. This morning, January 5th, 2019. I went to Skydive Spaceland Clewiston with my friend Jean-Marc to make some jumps with our friends there. Surprise, the gentleman at manifest tell him he cannot jump because he is not USPA member. We asked if it’s a new politic for the dropzone? He told us:” I am working here for 13 years and it always been that”. We were surprise because we jumped there many times before, both of us, without being member of USPA. Example: Dec 2017, 13 jumps for Jean-Marc, we built a 75 way over Clewiston in 2010 with almost half of the group were Canadian jumpers non USPA members. We went to Clewiston for the Everglades Boogie 3-4 times. Insurance problem, CSPA insurance cover up to 2,000,000 $ cdn, USPA 50,000$ US. With dollar exchange rate CSPA cover more than twenty-eight times USPA insurance.
    Even if I’m member in both associations: D-293 and D31662, and I can jump at Skydive Spaceland Clewiston, I support my friend and I left the DZ without jumping because we were not welcome. Also, the comments from the same gentleman when we left was inappropriate….

    Francois Leblanc, Quebec, Canada. cepq@mediom.qc.ca

  2. We own Cessna 182 J wide body with PPonk IO-520, 300 HP, ART extension wings, our field was 1000 msl and we jumped at 11500 Msl, always 5 jumpers on board, 21-23 min. 65 liters per hour avg 13 jumps per hour with first class pilot, 11 jumps per hour with conservative pilot.
    With our regular O-470, average was 7 jumps per hour for 50 liters/hr.
    Burn more per hour but less per jump