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  1. That is really funny. I guess I don't really make an impression. I have jumped with you before, Wendy. I am even pretty sure that you were on my SCR (not 100% though). And I have seen you many times at the DZ, and I am also sure you have seen me and would know who I am if you saw me. I think I will put my picture on here when I get off of work. Thats why no one would jump with me, they didn't know I existed. J/K. For the record, I don't have that problem anymore.


  2. Thanks for saying that, because I jumped by myself for probably 100 jumps after I finished the STP program with only a couple of jumps in between with another person.I was so worried about ruining someone elses jump that I chose to jump alone. I used the time to become more comfortable in the air; however, I wish I would have spent some of that time with other people.

  3. Here is my humble opinion. I have tried both Spaceland and Waller and prefer the jumping at Spaceland but the nightlife at waller. Spaceland does have some good parties on the weekend (sometimes); however, the people at Waller seem to stay more often for drinks and socializing which I wish Spaceland would do since they are my home DZ. I haven't really found that it is hard to find people to jump with, especially on the weekend. There is always someone trying to find people to do a SCR or just jump. The weekdays may be a little harder.

    Another important thing to consider is gear rental. I recently downsized and hadn't purchased a new main yet. I went to Waller to do a jump once and did not have a rig because a student was jumping it all day. The only size available was WAY too big. Since Spaceland is bigger they have more choices. As a student though, it won't be a problem.

    Another positive thing about Waller is the DZO. Todd Bell is one of the nicest, most sincerest men I have ever met. From the first time I met him he has made me feel at home at his DZ and always addresses me and asks me about a previous injury I sustained. He goes out of his way to make me feel welcome. That being said, the staff at Spaceland are awesome and I enjoy spending time with them even when not jumping.

    Like everyone else, I say try both. I am available to jump with at Spaceland once you get your A license. If ever I get another main I will also be jumping at Waller some more to socialize some.


  4. On September 18th of last year I was coming in on final at about 30 feet when out of the corner of my eye I noticed someone with target fixation flying at an angle to the target instead of a straight final leg and realized he was going to cross in front of me, and soon. At this time I had only about 150 jumps. My voice was stuck and I couldn't yell. In my head I contemplated turning but thought "No low turns." Then I thought "I should flare" but realized I would flare straight into him and potentially get wrapped. Well while I was deciding what to do I hit the ground without flaring. Ended up with T12, L1, & L2 compression fractures. Luckily I didn't need surgery but it hurt oh so bad (worse pain in the world). Even in the pain I never questioned stopping since I knew the dangers and if I wasn't willing to accept them then why did I start jumping in the first place. That was until one of my friends came into my hospital room and said "you wanted me to go skydiving, you aren't being such a good example." That made me really question getting back in the air. I thought that I shouldn't fly, that I wasn't safe. I was going to be out of the air and in a brace for 3 months but I still went to the dz to see my friends and just be around the sport. That is when I realized that I could never give it up. Sitting on the ground being so very jealous I realized that I could not see myself staying on the ground longer than I physically had too. The day that I was released I was back in the air. I was nervous for the first 10 to 20 landings in general and even still at 290 jumps, still land pretty far so that I'm not near other jumpers landing. But I am very happy to still be in the sport.