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  1. Steve Stewart passed Oct 19, ALS. Steve was well known in the Midwest in the 70s and 80s, operating Waynesville Skysports. He designed the Stewart Systems Sweethog H/C, and along with his late wife Janie ran the Richmond Boogie. He was one of the good ones.


  2. This looks a bit more reasonable

  3. Does anyone know if this guy is a jumper or active in jumping in any way other than scamming? It seems strange that he would continue to operate in this manner for so long.

    I have his street address in Palmdale, so he doesn't appear to be concerned about being caught, prosecuted, punished.

    I am the jumper PhreeZone originally made this post for - I have bought and sold on DZ in the past with no problems. I would hate to start going to COD, send to the drop zone, etc. methods to buy gear.

  4. Mr. Cranky here - I would think that you would have more sense than to be jumping when there is snow on the ground, New Years Day or not.

    Maybe you can drag your wrinkled old butt down to GWNB in a few weeks. Hopefully a little warmer than Ellington!

  5. Start thinking now about how much extra altitude you need, ladies......and how to get it!

    Don't count on the tandem students to do it this week -

    Matt, you can help decide how much altitude they earn -never mind, I will concentrate hard and work it out myself!

    Good weather on Saturday -- start early!!
    (Sure wish I knew how to put those little faces in the post - or how to make an avatar)

  6. Terry, you are the lucky winner of a NIB set of R3s. Hope you like blue. I will send them tomorrow.

    I also found 2 sets of U-XII releases, I don't remember much about them. I am still looking through boxes, I think I have some R2s and maybe more R3s. I thought all old riggers had boxes of this stuff...