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  1. This article is right on so many levels. It's all about being professional in every aspect of the company. DZs frequently start out as a ragtag operation and then keep that look/mindset for years and decades. It is really refreshing to walk in to a DZ, even a small one and see that the little details are looked after.
    I grinned at the toothbrushes and mouthwash for the tandem masters comment. Most TMs are pretty professional but there are always a few that look like they slept under a bridge. Even though they are REALLY good at what they do, it detracts from the DZ experience.
    It should be the norm that there are clean facilities, properly maintained equipment, and staff that is professional from top to bottom. I would also throw in that the DZOs should set the example. Unprofessional behavior from the owners sets the example that unprofessional behavior is sometimes acceptable.