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  1. yeah, just adopted 2 furballs, aka kittens. They were spoiled somewhat when we first got them. For xmas probably just get them some treats, maybe a new toy or two, and a new water bowl, maybe one of the fountain ones because one of them likes to play in running water.

    btw Hi skymama!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. Quote


    I wanna know which of you came didn't pay the registration.

    Cheap bastards.

    So much for the STF honor system.
    Ahhhh...what am I complaining about. Hans will still operate under the honor system anyway...never mind the losing money to provide you guys with a skydiving event.

    Now how does that happen? I assume you have to register before you can manifest?

    Yeah how does that happen? It doesn't appear you are saying just one person didn't pay either. If you jumped it should have been added to your bill first thing.
    I wasn't aware there was an honor system thing going on for the boogie, I was under the impression you had to pay it. Anyone that thought otherwise is a fucktard!
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    You're gonna have to prove you can hang first ;P

    Hey I knocked the dust/rust off last weekend. :-P

    If I can't hang I'll have 6 planes to play with at least.

    Jay any clue to the special plane(s) you were lining up?
    So far I got CASA, Helicopter, Balloon, Otter, Mystery 1 and Mystery 2.

    Come on, give us at least somethin. turbo prop, not turbo prop, jet, not jet, single engine?

    I heard it was a tailgate aircraft with dual jet engines. Don't know the name of it, but it is used in Europe in a few places I believe. :P:P:P
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    Hey peeps. I'm looking for someone to share a condo or hotel with. I'll take the couch in a condo if someone has such available.
    I'd be there friday, sat, and sunday nights.

    I should mention that I intend to pay my share of the bill, aka split the cost of the room/condo with whomever has room.

    I am gonna look for deals though with the impending oil slick causing havoc down there from what I've read.
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  5. I'll have to second that. Never imagined it would be like that. I was thinking more along the lines of Fire in the Sky type stuff.
    OOOOOOOOO was I wrong, very wrong.

    I recommend it, but don't blame me when you can't sleep :-P
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    How long are you going to eat that turtle?[:/]


    Just to clarify, my crazy desk finger pupper is eating the turtle. Not me :P
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  7. I would never count Lance out, but Contador seems the stronger one on the team and I think Lance is man enough to let him win because he deserves it, and well it might not really be up to Lance.

    I'd put Lance in top 3 if he pushes it, but if not top 5.

    For 37 not bad at all indeed.
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  8. You're going to be the old guy in the gym, if you are not already, with his leg up using the hair dryer to dry his balls.

    Seriously? OCD it's your problem, not mine.
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