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    I would go with the Neptune.

    I have a Solo in my Bonehead which I never touch. It's case is cracked. I have a Viso on my wrist and one of the plastic things on the side that holds it on just broke yesterday so now that hole is worthless.

    About 3 months ago I bought a Neptune and have it in my other ear. Seems that the Neptune is constructed of better material than the L&B stuff.

    I'm careful with my intruments but the L&B plastic is junk. I suppose I'll lose the Viso in freefall one day.

    All these devices are made of materials that can break.

    L&B has great customer service and if you contact them I'm sure they will replace it for you without any charge, not like Alti-2. That's why in my opinion Viso is a better choise right now.

  2. I've got cracked LCD in my Neptune. I sent it to Alti-2 for LCD replacement and I will pay for it $87,55.

    When I receive it from repair I will sell it and I will buy Viso couse shit happens and when next time there will be something wrong with it L&B will replace it for me without any costs.

  3. I meant GoPro HD of course. Why do you think old PC camera is better?

    I just sold my old PC109 and I'm looking for a new camera to buy. I was thinking about CX105 all the time but I read all GoPro HD thread and watched many youtube videos and I'm confused.

    GoPro HD is smaller, lighter than CX105, you buy it and it's ready to jump, you don't need to buy any extra lenses, boxes, indicators.

    An image is realy nice, however I haven't seen any raw footage from GoPro HD, I don't know how it looks on TV.

  4. Quote

    The gopro is something you could use for coach/aff type jumps, just for debriefing. If you want to make a nice dvd or are in any way selling your video, cx100 is the way to go.

    And what is better if you are selling your videos (tandem videos) on DVD, old PC or new GoPro ?