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Gear Reviews posted by matthewcline

  1. Ordered a Bev set up and have to say, I am impressed. We discussed what I wanted to be able to do with the suit and they made sure I was getting what I needed, not just some thing they wanted to sell. Quality is top notch, materials colors and workmanship is all fantastic! I like this set up so much I just ordered an RW suit as well. If Bev is not the best suit maker they are in the top three easy!

  2. It is actually a 7 cell that can be made of all ZP or a hybred or all "F-111" type fabric.

    It is the canopy of choice of the majority of military Demo Teams in the US. The canopy has the ability to fly into all conditions and allow for a safe landing for all properly trained Demonstrators.

    I also like being able to talk to the guy who helped assemble my canopy and who helped develope new concepts for the canopy. They are always just a phone call away and answers can be implemented the very next jump.

  3. I have 2 Testris suits and 1 for a year now. The year old suit has 200+ jumps on it (RW and Tandem). I have had some not so smooth landings and some pretty ugly RW exits. Through all the stressful exits and landings the suit has NO signs of wear or damage. The spandex used is tough and in the right place and amount to allow year round jumping with one suit but many layers of clothes. I spend my money on these as they impress me more than the suits I can get free from work.

  4. The Sentry Line seams t obe a great all around canopy design. Nice opennings and great glide and flare power.

    Loaded lightly, this is a great transitional canopy for students and youger jumpers.

    Loaded heavy this canopy can be used by more experienced jumpers to develope more aggressive canopy piloting skills.

    This is a good canopy for many disciplines in skydiving and Instructors who will jump multiple times in a day and need not to worry about spinning or hard opennings.

  5. I have been jumping a Michigan Comp suit since late 1998. I have owned 3 personnal suits and 6 "work" suits.

    I have used suits from other makers as it was part of my "work" but always went back to the Michigan Suit.

    Another maker sent me a suit to use for free when I was in the market for another personnal suit, but after it started to have workmanship issues I chose to buy another Michigan suit.

    In my opinion; I would rather spend my money on a Michigan Suit than get a free suit I was not comfortable with.

    20 Sept 05
    I just got another Comp suit with the padde booties. I chose the blunt edge instead of the knife edge (Mike said it would complement my flying style better), I could not agree more!

    The suit is powerful and fast turning!
    I now have to think STOP well before I used too!

    It is very tough and fits very well.
    I will spend my money out of my pocket on Michigan Suits even if I can get free ones while on teams.

  6. I run a small Demonstration Team that uses "Wings" rigs for its Student Training, Relative Work, Demonstration Jumps with smoke and for its camera jumpers. We have Large 7 cell demonstration canopies in most of our rigs, but we do have several smaller ones holding zero-p canopies for the camera jumpers.

    The system is tough, they take some serious abuse from our students and the smoke, but still look good after the 3 years we have had them.

    I have been offered a free rig for my personnal use by a competeing maker but chose to buy one from Sunrise instead.