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  1. 15 hours ago, base615 said:

    I had about 1300 jumps before I took a 16 year hiatus and my first couple of jumps back were honestly worst than some relatively talented AFF students I’ve seen, possibly made worse by the fact that I was absolutely shitting myself. My experience was that it’s not like riding a bike.

    If you only had an A license before, I’d say it’d be like you never jumped before after that gap and I’d recommend doing AFF again, irrespective of what they make you do.

    Don’t let that stop you though, it’s awesome to get back in the air. I can’t believe I stayed away for so long and it would take me going in to leave the sport again.

    I knew I wasn't alone but your experience shows that I'm not crazy. I'll try to do AFF all over again. 

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  2. Hey Everyone, 

    My wife is going to kill me, but I'm checking to see what I would expect if I showed up at a DZ as a Class A who hasn't jumped in 15 years. I don't expect much at all, especially since I have no proof that I completed AFF. I used to have my Class A card but I think it's long gone. Will I have to do AFF all over again or just do a tandem for a one time jump? I honestly don't want to do go solo even if it was an option but I don't want to tandem either. I think one or two AFF instructors would be plenty. Let me know if you've encountered a similar situation at your DZ.