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Dropzone Reviews posted by lauras

  1. I'm used to big, sprawling Florida dzs and the "resorts" like Perris & Chicago, but there's a lot to be said for the smaller DZs like Skys The Limit.

    Skys The Limit maintains a busy school & tandem business that runs VERY efficiently (I was there for a "slow" weekend & 4 TMs & 3 packers managed 40+tandems without breaking a sweat one of the days). There's a core group of local jumpers that are very outgoing and not clique-ish at all, in addition to jumpers from other area dzs that stop by from time to time.

    The Twin Otter had impressive turnaround times and very good jumpruns. They've got spotting dialed in there. The dz itself is located on a good size airstrip that's home to some helicopter school & the local Medi-Vac, otherwise plane traffic is pretty quiet.

    Facilities-wise, the hangar looks like it's being built-out slowly but surely. There are some good size classrooms, bathrooms, smooth creeping areas with Alie n creepers & lockers were being built while I was there. Wrestling mats were rolled up in a corner but I was told they were going to be set up for more general packing & lounging areas.

    The staff was very approachable and friendly. They're clearly a very hard working bunch but laid-back enough to enjoy themselves and the fun jumpers.

    All-in-all, a very positive vibe and you really can't beat the views. I'll be back whenever my travels allow!