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  1. I want mine too!!!
    Mirage called me today "about my order" but i didnt get home in time to call them before they were gone.....maybe that means it is being shipped.

  2. Quote

    That's it, time is up, the week is finally almost over .
    and the fun is about to begin, i 've been looking forward this moment all week long one agonizing day after another .

    welcome to our world. I too now live weekend to weekend, counting down to my next jump each week.

    Many of my wuffo friends havent heard from me in so long or seen me on a weekend, I was told it was rumored i moved away.

  3. aw only 2.....that is more than I got in all weekend. I did 1 hop and pop, but it was free.
    So will Aggieland be officially or unofficially open for memorial day / monday?

  4. Quote

    I'll probably only get 4 or 5 more jumps today.:S

    Only?? rub it in AggieDave, rub it in. some of us have to work for a living. see ya this weekend and counting down til my new rig gets in, I'm ready to freefly!!

  5. Damn I wish I would have gone up there Saturday when I left Waller, I would have liked to see that.
    Congrats guys, see yall this weekend.

    Pablito or Dave,can I make a reservation for the tent or AggieDave's sofa?

  6. I would be willing to bet the kid was a big fan of The Fast and the Furious. Someone should explain the concept that movies are not real. Dont try and recreate them, stupid kid.

  7. I posted and have said many times, I will never surrender my guns or even register all of my guns. I too will soon have a CCL, waiting on the state to send it back. To own a gun, much less carry one, is a great responsibility it isnt something I take lightly, and dont think anyone should.

    I would like to know of those of you"Opposed" to gun ownership by everyone, did you grow up in a gun owning environment? Most likely not is my guess. When you learn the respect a weapon deserves, you keep it, and you dont have to learn it the hard way, Just like being a responsible skydiver

    Countdown to AggieDave post...5,4,3,2...

  8. Quote

    we'll see.......but then if I did.....my boobies would be all over the place and we can't have that..

    define all over the place.....That could be a good thing, never know what kind of offers you might get. as in jobs or something profitable

  9. Quote

    A bit of drinking? Hell we'll drink Shiner, Texas out of beer!

    I am definately trying to do my part!! But thank goodness they keep making more.

    Beer, it's not just for breakfast anymore.

  10. Clouds, Clouds, Clouds....

    1 new rig ordered, 1 wall with rig racks built and 1 room planned to build...I may now be the unofficial Aggieland Handyman.

    and 1 case owed for first time to Aggieland...I didnt even jump and had a damn good time...that place has a great vibe, so I will now be frequently going to College Station.

    Pablito, Thanks for letting me crash in your living room tent.

  11. Quote

    For the record fellow shychickies if anyone at a DZ in a 100 mile radius of me wins it I will kick his ass and take it for team ovary.
    Then we can oil wrestle for it...

    Since I am going to win it and will most likely buy a new rig before they give it to me,
    I will put it up as the price for the winner take all "SKYCHICKIE OIL WRESTLEMANIA"
    Tickets will start at $100, payable in jump tickets or cash, no checks please.
    skychickies interested in participating, please submit your request in the form of a Boobies thread (pictures required)

  12. I could really use a pat on the back, kick in butt or a hug and I am not a huggy person normally....well maybe when I have been over served. I have had a not so great situation happen over the last few days, one of those justifiabe homicide situation. Worse part is it will really reduce my funds for jumping.

    Any Texas lawyers (civil) willing to offer some free advise would be really great too.

  13. Huntsvegas Rules!!!!
    In no other place do the cops follow you home because they know I can make the drive from Murski's to my old house toasted. and they all knew me.

    SHSU AlumiB|