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  1. councilman24

    ***Thank you all very much for the input everyone. This has been extremely helpful. She has enough to talk about now and will begin writing. No further responses are needed. Thanks again and blue skies

    Aaww was writing while you posted. Think she'd like the mystery of one side only and broken screw. Want an xray?

    By all means, send it!
    Blue skies

  2. Skyfriends-

    My sister is in grad school and doing a paper for forensic anthropology. She is looking for any stories of injuries in our sport. Specifically regarding how any of your bones would be different than how you were born. Any input is greatly appreciated, and it doesn't have to be sky related injuries. Feel free to PM if you don't want to post publicly. Thanks!

    This is her question verbatim:
    "if investigators were to find your body's skeleton perfectly conserved in its grave, what would they be able to learn about your past from birth to death based only off of your bones. this includes injuries, medical conditions etc. remember, this is your BONES only."

    Blue skies,
    Blue skies

  3. Once that I'm aware of. Had been doing only Saturdays for over a year because life, and my first time doing two days in a row in ages. I always check my gear when I take my rig out of my bag before the first jump. And that's when I turn my AAD on. Well I never took my gear out of my bag cuz it was already out. I had a system that worked for me and then when I did something different I didn't catch it. Got down from the first jump of the second day and I was like, hmm I can't remember if I turned my AAD on. Turns out I didn't. If we're being honest, I was pretty hungover from the bonfire so that probably contributed. Not super proud of it, but I learned something and no one got hurt so that's a win. Honestly you should never plan on using your AAD so it's not that big of a deal but still sloppy. I post this with egg on my face so that someone else might learn.
    Blue skies

  4. You will find yourself with some very angry people at your dropzone, and probably grounded. This would be violating an FAR, which could impose fines. Contact your reserve manufacturer, and ask to demo your reserve canopy. They will send you your model reserve hooked up as a main for a modest fee. Or you can wait for a boogie, where you can probably do it for free.
    Blue skies

  5. sammielu

    I'm glad you're thinking it through.

    Add to your list of questions: What if I get kicked in the head in free fall?

    Its more common than you might think. Its happened to me on break off and I've dodged plenty of people coming at me fast, because I had the awareness to anticipate it, the skill to dodge it, and the luck for that to work.

    Can you take a kick in the head at 120+ mph and be ok to pull?

    If you get kicked in the head at 120 mph you are going to be unconscious or dead. So hopefully you have an AAD and it works, but preexisting conditions are irrelevant.
    Blue skies

  6. jerolim

    I can tell your from youtube video on facebook, that this is RIPOFF from my design.
    I have send videos and pictures of my design to 2 persons and I have asked for opinion and I have asked if someone would be interested, if so that I would like to be payed for design.
    Now somebody is selling this without even contacting me!! >:(

    So are you paying royalties to bill booth for borrowing his idea?
    Blue skies