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  1. On 7/22/2019 at 6:21 PM, linebckr83 said:

    We have a 182D with Texas Skyways O-520 and wing extensions.  1,300ft field elevation and also gets pretty hot here.  I fill up to ~45 total 100LL.  On average we burn ~6-7gal per load.  Flying 4 loads leaves me with VFR fuel reserves while observing the maneuvering unusable fuel amounts.

    Thanks for the feedback! 6-7 gal per load is really low. We are at 9. Load is 4 people (2 tandems usually).

  2. Hi guys! 

    I am starting this topic to hear what are different DZs are doing for fuel load on C182.

    We are running C182 with O-470 engine at 2000ft DZ on Mogas. We are pretty high and we have a hot summer.

    What is the optimal fuel load for a single flight from experience in your areas? Please mention operational conditions.


  3. Hi guys! I got my device from Acho the CC Locator. I am about to install but before that i did some ground testing.

    What can I say it simply works. I have my own Chinese VHF radio - 20USD and simply "call" the device. I don't use my phone but a Garmin GPS since for me is easier and it just homes to the location. I like the fact that there is not SIM card which makes it internationally applicable.

    Great product!

  4. I think this is much better alternative:

    I am going to start jumping tandems with the kit lens and see if it works out. I have had a thread before and some guys sent pictures with the kit lens which were OK but you have to fly further from the tandem compared to using a wideangle lens...

    Which 16 Pancake to you think can workout instead of the stock lens? If it is this one: I was at the dealer and tested it the angle is the same as the 16-50 kit lens.

  5. Hi guys!

    I am going to buy the a5100. I would like to ask for advice on the lens. I will use only for tandem stills.
    I am looking at the following options:
    1. Kit lens: 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6
    2. 20mm f/2.8 Alpha
    3. 16mm f/2.8 Wide-Angle

    All help is welcome!

  6. The dual gopro is a solution but the guys at the DZ still think that the DSLR does better job in clouds when there is more need for compensation of light conditions. I hope I can convince them to go this way and save my neck and pocket at the same time.

    Side by side on the or L bracket on in front one on top?