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  1. When I was stunting my sportbike with my buddies we had a saying. Its not if you are gonna crash, its when..... I think it relates to skydiving just as much. When I didnt push the limits, motorcyle riding felt safe and controlled. However, as I started racing on tracks and learning stunts, certain points of the progression were nuts. You cant push the limits until you surpass your current limit. Our mental ability to process and respond to new situations takes time, which most of us understand, we get hurt when we inadvertently push it further than we can handle. Sometimes its by accident, sometimes because of ego. After every accident or injury the most valuable lesson we can learn, comes from honest recollection and reflection. Sometimes I wonder, is there a safe way to push the limits? The only answer ive come up with is, only if we honestly know and evaluate our own limits.
    My ramble wasnt imteded for you, but I felt compelled to reflect by the recent events...
    Heal quick, blue skys.
    The mind is like a parachute - it only works when it is open.

  2. Deland is full of good people. I live in daytona and did my aff and A lic there. I enjoy the people as much as the skydiving. PM me and once you get your A lic we can do some jumps. Enjoy the ride.
    The mind is like a parachute - it only works when it is open.

  3. I just got my A lic (so my advise should be taken lightly), but I understand your delima, and offer no advise except my experience). After AFF 7 i concentrated on belly flying. I watched countless tutorial videos referencing how to freely, and around jump 18 concentrated on back fly techniques. But ultimately you have to have a stable belly fly and pilot chute deployment to be successful at this sport. Even though "the sky is yours" be cognizant of others air space, and dont cash checks your body cant handle.
    My first few jumps solo were spent belly to earth, enjoying the horizon from a stable position.
    I always remind myself, Im jumping out of a plane, be safe, have fun, and dont exceed your mental ability to handle emergency situations.
    The mind is like a parachute - it only works when it is open.

  4. I have never been to Z-Hills so my opinion is only based on my experience with Deland.

    I started my AFF training in November with Deland, and after 25 jumps there I cant express how thankful I am for their instruction. The Deland AFF program was amazing, from my first jump, their expertise made me feel comfortable and relaxed. After every jump I received video feedback and instruction, that was spot on to my needs. Just as importantly, EVERY instructor there took time to answer any question I had, and make me feel at home. After completing AFF I wasn't sure what to expect as, now I was working toward my A license, but not under formal, paid, instruction. In my opinion this is where the DZ shined! Every single time I have jumped there EVERYONE has been inviting, friendly, and open to helping or answering anything I asked.
    While I cant compare the two DZ's, I can whole heartily recommend Deland as a great DZ with amazing people that go out of there way to make you a safe and competent skydiver.
    The mind is like a parachute - it only works when it is open.