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    Peregrine Glide, Sabre II 170, pr 176 cypres II Outstanding condition Peregrine Glide, January 2017 DOM, Airtec cypress II April 2012, Performance Designs Sabre II 170 August 2001, Performance Designs PR 176 October 2016. Rig has fully articulated harness with stainless steel hardware, Ace BlackJack RSL / MARD system, fully padded back pad, leg pads and hip lateral. Container is a tan camo pattern. Harness was built for male 5' 10" 185 lb, was owned by male 6' 1". Rig has roughly 250 jumps on it. Main is in excellent condition with spectra lines still in good shape and reasonably good trim specs. Being spectra lined the trim is somewhat out of spec but not bad for a canopy with roughly 450 jumps on it. We can reline the canopy with vectran or HMA if buyer requests. Reserve has only 6 repacks no uses. Cypres is due for 8 year inspection, this has been factored into buying price. Entire system is inspected and repacked for consignment sale for owner by Desert Skies Parachute Rigging at Skydive Az and is available for viewing / sizing in shop if you are on DZ. Detailed inspection sheets and more photos available at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4ecxcn8l28zq5wp/AADajI5Fu36OpkYSkhoyxit5a?dl=0 Please text or email only for inquiries.


    Skydive AZ, Arizona - US

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    Container system is a Talon FS, MFG 2004; main canopy is a Safire 2 169 sq ft. with 35 jumps on it. This rig comes with an in date cypress AAD. The reserve is a Smart 175. This package includes 3 jumpsuits (2 Bev suits and 1 Vmax). Also includes a large G3 helmet with a Skytronics dirt alert. This gear is all in very good condition. After 57 consecutive years of jumping I am hanging it up due to health reasons. For a size reference - I am 5'11" and weigh 200 lbs. Buyer to pay shipping.


    Rathdrum, Idaho - US

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