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    PD-RESERVE 126 in great shape, with connector links! No life-limit set by the FAA or by the manufacturer. Age does NOT weaken fabric or lines, everything OK with it. Obviously has the FAA TSO certificate. Airworthy in great shape! All data is below, please read carefully, including the table on the very bottom. Repacks made: 18, jumps made: 0. 22 more repacks available, and/or 22 more jumps available. This is maaany more years of use for this reserve! After all repacks and/or all jumps are used, the life of this reserve can be further extended by PD. FULL REFUND, including ALL shipping costs BOTH ways, available if you or your rigger does not like the reserve ANY any reason! DOM 12.1998 Pack volume: 296 cubic inches. Photo attached, disable AdBlock and refresh the page if you cannot see it. Low cost tracked AIR shipping! (approx $45). I air ship world-wide. Takes approx 20 calendar days worldwide. I am reputable Dropzone.com user with over 3000 posts in the last 20 years. U.S. Master Rigger sale references available, your choice of payment method! Please contact me with the form below (logon first). Only if you get a message bounceback, please email me at: [email protected] with the ad URL copied into the email body. See the *NARROWED-DOWN* Dropzone.com LIST of *ONLY MY PARACHUTES* for SALE ! : Click the LINK BELOW, where it says the words: ' CLICK HERE ' --> CLICK HERE for a LIST of my RESERVES <--


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