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Using The Feedback System

In order to make your classifieds experience safer, we've introduced a feedback system similar to that found on sites like Ebay. This feedback system allows you to rate users based off your transaction experiences with them. If you've successfully dealt with another user, whether it be through buying or selling gear, you can now rate that experience on the transaction. A positive experience can be rated to reflect that, allowing other users to see whether or not a user has established a trust rating through their classified dealings.

If you're a buyer or a seller, you should consider asking the person with whom you are dealing, to leave you feedback after the transaction. This will help establish your profile credibility, while also helping others avoid scammers in the process. One has the ability to negatively rate an experience, such as that with scammers or sellers who supply products different to their advertisement specs, which can help in showing users with a bad transaction history who are best avoided.

To leave feedback, simply go to the user's profile that you are dealing with, and click on the feedback tab. From there, you can add feedback for a specific advert in question.

The feedback left on a user's profile will display both on their account page and on their ad pages, making it easy to see a user's trust factor while viewing ads in the classifieds section of the site.


If you experience any problems with the feedback system, don't hesitate to reach out to our support for assistance.

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