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The Colugo is our big mountain terrain flying suit for pilots of intermediate to expert ability. This is our most versatile wingsuit, and what we recommend to experienced pilots who are looking for a next generation all-around BASE wingsuit.

The Colugo provides solid glide performance, a fast start, high agility for rapid banked turns, and a clean and accessible BOC pull.

It is a myth that one suit can be good at every aspect of flying, but the Colugo offers the best balance that we have ever experienced.

We designed this suit specifically for pilots who want to carve big mountain proximity lines. The Colugo remains stable and pressurized at a very wide range of angles of attack, and delivers a solid and pressurized precise feel through every section of your flight, from steep dives to long glides.

The most common question that we heard this year was, "What other suit is it like?" The answer is that the Colugo was developed specifically for maximum all-around performance in wingsuit BASE. This is our vision of an all-around suit that is ideal for a huge range of BASE jumps and terrain flights, for pilots who want a fast start, high maneuverability, and good glide. It is accessible and easy to use for its size.

We've taken the best aspects of the other wingsuits that we have flown in the past, and combined them into the ultimate suit for next-generation BASE jumpers.

Simply put, this suit is capable of the shortest starts and the longest glides out there. If you want to ace the short start and fly the complex lines of The Brevent in Chamonix, or fly from the High-Nose to Air Glaciers in Lauterbrunnen, then the Colugo will get you there, and beyond.


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