Speed 2000

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During the past few years, the
Speed 2000 has become the most
trusted and valued reserve in Europe.
The Speed 2000 is both JTSO C23d
and FAA TSO C23d certified.
Utilizing our innovative True Shape
design technology and the most
modern materials available, we have
developed the smallest packing reserve
on the market today. With stable, yet
responsive flight performance and
smooth landing characteristics, the
Speed 2000 is the next generation
reserve that today’s skydivers are
looking for.


Buy from these trusted stores

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opens quick, lands well

I had a cut away after spinning malfunction, skyhook did a great job. The Speed came out just fine, quick and clean. The Speed feels ridged and strong in the air and l was impressed with the flare, strong and predictable. And, it may not be important, but it also packs quite small too. enjoy

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2 cutaway last year under speed2000 135 sqf

last year I've had two cutaway using reserve speed2000 under wingload 1,4, one baglog other lineover.Both witout any problems. My result: simply the best for freefly because of speed and weight range

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I saw the Speed 2000 reserve in action last year in summer. The Speed 2000 did its job fast, clean and on-heading although its saved life from a low speed partial malfunction. A jumper landed without any injuries.
Used reserve: Speed 2000 size 250.

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On heading, soft but fast openings, price, packvolume
I can't think of any

Had to cutaway a Baglock yesterday.
The Speed reserve (170 sqft, loaded @ 1.37)
came VERY fast and VERY soft (I can't imagine how could this be...) and on heading.
It flew stable like an anchor in the sky.
The Speed 2000 saved my butt and brought me uninjured back to the earth - what could you expect more from a good reserve?

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Cutaway last weekend

I'm a jumper he has in the last 6 years only PARATEC systems. I jumped with every canopies of paratec but I 've never tried the reserve SPEED.
Last weekend I had on my main canopy a hard line over so it was the time to try my Seed 2000.
I can say only the Best. It was my 3rd cutaway so I can say I have got any experience by reserve canopies. The SPEED 2000 is brilliant. Fast but not hard opening, very good fying and landing.
My Speed size is 135 sqft and WL 1,5
So I can only reccomend the canopy

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