Scirocco canopy.


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Dives a lot. Soft openings. Cheap.
"Faded colours" compared to Icarus or PD.

The Scirocco is a nine cell cross braced canopy where the three middle cells are divided into four minicells each (instead of the usual three).

I've only got around 50 jumps with my Scirocco, but I like it more and more.

It opens soft and on heading if you steer it with the rear risers during opening. It opens great both at full speed and at hop & pops.

I jump a 77@2.25 where I start my 270 final at 240m. It is easy to get it to dive and to keep it diving. I just do harness turns, but its also easy with the front risers, it doesn't build up a heavy pressure. I've done 630s and higher rotations with the front risers as well.

When spiraling in the harness together with my friend in a Velo-84@2.5, I have to break slightly with the rears to not dive away from him!

One can also fly it for a really long time on the rears during landing, making it easier to keep up the speed.

Its probably the cheapest crossbraced canopy around with a list price of 1850 USD with RDS and HMA-350 or 400 lines. A new set of lines (including change) is 150USD!

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