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When you have a famous name, there is an expectation to live up to it. This has certainly influenced our design of the Pilot7. The Pilot 9-cell canopy has built a solid reputation for great openings, flat glide and a powerful flare. The new Pilot7 needed to be pretty special to be worthy of the name Pilot.

It is.

The Pilot7 is probably the best wingsuit canopy made. It provides superbly consistent openings, which inspires confidence in everyone, from a beginning wingsuit flyer to a world champion (and several of both are happy Pilot7 flyers).

In flight, you will find the Pilot7 an agile and fun canopy. It is predictable enough that it encourages you to wring it out and play. It has a flat glide and a powerful flare, likely more so than any 7-cell you’ve experienced.

We make the canopy in standard ZP, in our honeycomb low pack volume ZPX, and in a new alchemy of materials we call UltraLPV. This builds the top skin and stabilizers from ZPX, and the ribs and bottom skin from FX-11 (the low pack volume material used in the SmartLPV). We use the ZLX lines to create an amazingly low pack volume canopy.

While we know wingsuit flyers love a great opening 7-cell available with unprecedentedly low pack volume, we also expect that there will be a demand from a broader spectrum of the skydiving community. Students, younger jumpers, and older jumpers will all benefit from the forgiving openings, low pack volumes and great handling characteristics of the Pilot7.


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Packvolume, Openings, Flight angle
low bulk material tend to age quicker

Wingload 1.05

I had the possibility to fly a Pilot7 ULPV for several weekends

First at all the packvolume. I got a 167 PILOT7 ULPV with 700ZLX lines, and the packvolume was smaller than the Springo 140 or Sabre 150. It was easiest to pack and also the aerodyne known line attachments are helping by identify your linegroups.

The Opening where great, there where fast but never hard and always ON HEADING, but with which canopy you want to compare it? On a Spectre the canopy is sniveling left and right arround before opening, on the PILOT/ you have a short snivel and then the slider comes down quicker. I´m no wingsuiter but maybe thats what wingsuiter want, fast reliable openings. I actually like the fast openings as long there haven´t been fast, some other tried it and told they feel hard but I didn´t had hard opening not on terminal nor hop and pop jumps.
The toggle pressure feels softer than on the 9cell Pilot, they are quick and responsible. Riser pressure are not too strong and the recovery arch is shorter.
It´s impressive how easy this 7cell canopy with low bulk material makes it to came back from a long spot, really nice work Aerodyne!

Flare is good but there you feel thats still a 7cell.

So the Pilot7 is not compareable with the standard PILOT, you have the good things of 7 cell opening, flat glide and nice flare.

I wouldn´t recommend a to high wingload, choose your decision visely. The Pilot7 can be drived really fast when you want so take care and enjoy the ride.

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Predictable openings, flat glide, powerful flare
Shorter control range compared to 9 cells

Low bulk version packs tow sizes smaller. Nice openings and powerful flare. Couple of practice flares on the first jump and once you feel where the sweet spot is, the landing are stress free. Much flatter glider in full flight than sabre2. Great canopy if you want a no stress easy to land canopy

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