Fight Concepts 7 Cell

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Flight Concepts' line of 7-Cell mains will give you a canopy
for virtually any need that you may have. Our flared construction
makes way for a smoother airfoil and strength qualities that are
superior to canopies built with direct line attachment. The inherent
stability is apparent whether you have just finished a hot
RW skydive or are docking on a friend for some fun CRW.
With a Flight Concepts 7-Cell in your container, you'll be
confident in your landing abilities on the DZ or during the local
demonstration jumps that we all enjoy.


Buy from these trusted stores

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Very strongly built, good stable flight characteristics
Lots of bulk, high drag

The Fury is built like a tank. Just look at how the lines attach to the canopy. Waaay better line attach structure than most modern canopies. It flies quite a bit like a Triathlon, stable, good controllable sink in deep brakes, decent flare for an F 111. It is available really cheap used and is a great beginner canopy, no vices. It is bulky and has a lot of drag from fat lines, canopy attach structures, etc, but it still flys just fine. You can get good used Furys for well under $300 and they are good values if not worn out (check porosity before buying). I have never had a bad opening or landing in a Fury. I now fly a Triathlon which is a better all around canopy, but it cost a LOT more. If you are new jumper on a tight budget the Fury offers great value. It would also be great for water jumps or a beater canopy to jump in muddy conditions etc.

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it works
openings are hard, awkward, off-heading, and flare is weak

well, i suppose i've learned a lot from owning a Maverick 200 and Firelite 175 reserve. in order to keep the main from giving me a vasectomy, i basically have to roll the 3 outer cells into the center cell, then roll that entire front section of the canopy until i reach the center of the canopy. this allows for awkward transitions between opening stages, though. the openings were almost always off-heading, despite having several different people pack it (including riggers). flare not really anything to write home about, and it took me about 10 jumps to figure out exactly when and how to flare. i honestly thought i broke some bones in my feet on several landings. on the plus side, you can make it float pretty well to get back from long spots. overall, i just wouldn't recommend buying one of these canopies. unless, of course, you're interested in buying the ones i currently own so i can get something new ;-)

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I placed about 150 jumps on a Fury 220 and it kept me safe. Openings were great, and it was a ton of fun to stall. In deep brakes it was stable and good at accuracy. Packing was a breeze, I even pro-packed this canopy with no problems. I would recommend this canopy for a jumper just graduating from student gear. This canopy will keep you out of trouble, and is a great canopy to learn on.

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FURY 220. 7 cell, F 111

I have made a few jumps on this canopy and like it a lot. It has decent performance in turns, is VERY stable and lands easily with a good flare. Its construction is awesome (check out the line attachment points on the canopy), makes my other canopies look weak. It probably doesnt really need to be that strong, but it can't hurt. The Fury has a real nice sink. By flying in fairly deep brakes (but not to the point of stalling), you could make it fly almost like a round with very little forward speed and a high sink rate. As soon as you let up on the the toggles, it picked up speed and lift very quickly. It is no Triathlon, but I prefer it to the PD 210 I have jumped.

I hear that there are Fury 220R reserves around at very reasonable prices. It seems like it would be a great reserve, but a bit bulky compared to a Raven II 218 for example. As a main, it is a decent predictable well made canopy. It would be a perfect first canopy for a student just off AFF.

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