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The regular TONY SUIT is made entirely of Polycotton. It comes with upper and lower arm grips, and our famous curly leg grip. Each suit is adjusted to meet the individual skydiver's measurements and needs. The TONY SUIT is tailored for the heavier jumper. We also offer an all acrylic TONY SUIT called the HI-LIFT SUIT. Acrylic, which is a heavier fabric than polycotton, allows us to make the suit smaller without losing the drag.

The original suit that tony started making all those years ago but still one of the best. Better suited to jumpers needing to slow down their fall rate.


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This manufacturer really let me down. I had to wait 8 weeks longer than expected to receive my suit and they would not respond to e-mails asking what was happening for 2 weeks. I should have insisted on a refund but they hastily put the suit together since they were late and sent it out. The suit is alright, definitely does not even close to make up for the experience of their customer service.

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Quality materials
Delivery time

Ordered my first Tony Suit from tony himself. Delivery took much longer then he promised and the suit did not fit. After sending the suit back at my expense for a second round of alterations which took about a month I got the suit back with a better fit, but the hook knife pocket was never moved and was a knee level. I brought this problem directly to Tony and expressed my dissatisfaction with the extra expenses and down time of purchasing a new suit that he had actually measured, which still needed some alterations to have the hook knife pocket properly relocated. His response was to have my DZ rigger make the modifications because his company was to backed up to take care it.

So... if you're not in a hurry for a jumpsuit, have some extra cash to throw away for shipping costs if the suit does not fit then you might want to consider a Tony Suit. If not then I would recommend a Bev Suit, who has always come through for me the first time around.
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good quality
terrible service

so I ordered a tony suit with mega booties and leg zippers and swoop cords and everything...I also ordered kelly green, with neon orange grippers and white was good white was good green was wrong...not just the wrong shade but the wrong color. They sent me a suit in forest green not kelly green, no you might be saying that well thats thats like odering red and getting pink or ordering brown and getting khaki.

I emailed them and they basically told me oh well. They said well thats the only color green we have even though they advertise that they have kelly green. They also felt that it wasnt their responsibility to call me or let me know that they didnt have that color. They then never offered to fix it in anyway. They just said sorry thats the only color and thats it.

Also when I got it I was falling damn fast and no it isnt because I had to learn to fly with booties because I had already had a suit with booties. I eventually figured out how to fly it decently but still fall faster then I should be but am now accepting of the color and happy with the suit.

Its great quality and strenth and it flies awesome but the color is a big thing when you rig and your canopy is all the say color scheme.

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Great Suits

I love this suits. Super dizigne. I would also like to thank Tony Suits for building me the very first inflatable booties Tony Suit. I never had my doubts about this concept, but I am more than impressed at how well the inflatable booties actually work. They are an awesome tool for RW skydivers. Just wait, these will be in high demand soon.

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