Freefly Pants and Jackets

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Freefly pants and jackets available now, for freefly, sitflying, or camera work.

Skydiving Pants:

You can get long pants, normally has velcro ankles, or a ¾ length used for swooping. Lots of options and designs.

Skydiving Jackets:

4 different styles: Camera jacket, Freefly jacket, competition suit style with grips, and tight sit suit style.


Buy from these trusted stores

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Looks nice
Poor construction

Bought the freefly pants and jacket. First jump...yes, the first jump the inner seam on the pants blew out by my left knee 25 sec into a sitfly jump. Sent the suit into Bev for repair or replacement. You guessed it, they repaired it. The repair looked marginal at best. Replacement would have been the better option based on the price paid and the amount of time before it blew out. Well, after the repair, I jumped it again. The same thing happened on the right knee inside seam on the 2nd jump. Going to have to send it back in again. Spend the extra bucks for something else. If you don't mind a suit you need to have repaired after each jump, Go Bev!!

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Quality and Customer Service
None I can think of!

Ordered a Bev set up and have to say, I am impressed. We discussed what I wanted to be able to do with the suit and they made sure I was getting what I needed, not just some thing they wanted to sell. Quality is top notch, materials colors and workmanship is all fantastic! I like this set up so much I just ordered an RW suit as well. If Bev is not the best suit maker they are in the top three easy!

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good stitching, seams sewn solid
built in belt

I have a HotBod suit by Bev which I use for belly flying, it's great. I ordered the Freefly pants because I am so pleased with my other Bev suit. The Freefly pants are holding up well to my not so graceful landings. My only complaint is the built in belt -- I'd prefer no belt and elastic on the waistband instead. Overall, I am very pleased with the contruction, color and sturdyness of this garment.

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