Aero Full Face

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Bonehead composites is proud to introduce our new full face AERO helmet! After six months of intense design work we are finally able to witness its fruition. Features making the AERO the top of the line of skydiving head gear include:

  • High-end vacuum molded carbon fiber composite shell (not plastic!)
  • 2mm molded polycarbonate lens, also available in tinted gray!
  • Scratch resistant and anti-fog lens
  • Widest field of vision on the market that offers an unobstructed view of the jumpers face
  • Perfect for instructors!
  • Compatible with eye glasses
  • Easy to cut away
  • Removable and washable liner

Spring loaded CNC aluminum visor locks provide consistent and easy two handed openings and single hand closers with three screws on each side, secure the visor in place. Securing the helmet on incorporates a cord drawn collar and cut away buckle.

Collar adjustments are made by simply pulling slack in the cord and re-knotting . The collar is made from wetsuit neoprene and can easily be replace without the need for any messy glue! Velcro and six screw attachment points keep it secure around the shell's parameter. The liner follows our standard line in construction, is removable for washing and has the convenience of audible pockets on both sides.

GoPro cameras can be top mounted using our standard mount and options for other cameras will also be available. The AERO makes flying with cameras safe due to its ingeniously simple quick release cutaway!


X-Small - 21.25" - 21.75"

Small - 21.75" - 22.25"

Medium - 22.25" - 22.75"

Large - 22.75" - 23.25"

X Large - 23.25" - 23.75"

XX-Large - 23.75" - 24.00"


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Works great with glasses, wide field of vision

I put over 150 jumps on a Z1, but then I started wearing glasses. My glasses won't fit in the Z1 as it is too close to my face. There is room to spare with the Aero. It is also a great helmet and the carbon fiber makes it light.

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Easy to don and doff, visor design and comfort
No external audible pocket

I've got 72 jumps, 36 of them have been with the Aero, which is the first helmet I have owned. The drop zone I jump at has a Square One shop, so I had a chance to rent a Kiss and a Phantom. I ended up picking the Aero based on faith, the description and ratings I was able to find and some dissatisfaction with the other helmets. I am very pleased with my choice. To unlock the visor on the Kiss and Phantom there are two small buttons up near your temple. You have to press both simultaneously and pull up on the visor. The button on the Phantom broke on my second jump. For the Aero you hook your thumbs around the back of the visor hinges and pull forward. A much easier and natural action. I also like the Aero's neck strap design. The Kiss looks slick with the two locking tabs, but I found myself fiddling with them a bit to get them to lock down. Same thing with the Phantom strap that you have to button down. On the Aero it's a two piece ratcheted chin strap that lock together easily and securely and releases with a simple one handed tug on a tab at your chin. I have never had a fogging problem, although I jump in So Cal, so it's dry. I like that the Aero is a composit helmet, which keeps it light, but you still feel well protected. I'm getting better, but still working on my landings. I've done a couple face plants, which so far accounts fo the only wear and tear on the Aero that I've noticed. If you're looking for a solid, well designed and easy to jump full face, I don't think you can go wrong with the Aero.

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