TSE Tear Drop Classic Discontinued

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The original Tear Drop featuring classic lines, suitable for all types of skydiving. Designed to accept the full range of canopies available on the market. A narrow container design, the Tear Drop 1 Pin Classic offers; foamed padded leg and back pads for unsurpassed comfort. Stainless steel hardware (3-rings, etc.) as standard. Unique 1 Pin externally mounted reserve deployment for clean and fast openings. Integrated pin protector flaps. Velcro free main toggles. The contoured yoke, ensures the harness comes over the shoulders and curves inwards towards the chest, preventing the harness slipping off. Options to fit either hip or hip & chest rings. The rig includes reserve freebag, main bag, pilot chute & bridle, reserve pilot chute, main and reserve toggles, main and reserve risers, and is manufactured ready to fit cypres. Design your own rig in a variety of different fabrics and colours with our rig builder. Custom colours at no extra charge. Fabrics available, Cordura, Parapack, Alien Skin, Alcantara and Leather.


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Beautiful, light, easy to pack, versatile, durable, comfort!!!
They're rare!

Wow, where to begin?

I've owned my TSE Teardrop Classic for ~12 months now, right alongside my Vector 3.

It was purchased as a backup rig, but to be honest, I find it being jumped more and more!

Perfect rig for a beginner, looking for something easy to pack, that looks good and doesn't make you sweat after a long walk back!

Of course, I look after mine well, but do tend to "drag it" along the floor when packing. Its showing minimal signs of wear! Its extremely durable!

The only problem I have with these is they're hard to get hold of, being a British Manufacturer, but they are undoubtedly a bargain!

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