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Safer, drogue moved to center, comfy passenger harness, Sigma Canopies nice.
Tuck tabs don't stay tucked and cable housing sticks out too far

I sent off for a product video after reading the first article about "Vector III" tandem system in Skydiving Magazine.
I believe I sent in the deposit about a week after watching the tape.

On October 13, 2000, I arrived at the Relative Workshop in DeLand after driving from Texas. Nothing beats the service I got straight from the man himself (Bill) and T.K. Donle. It was worth the drive to get that hands on first look at the rig and personal instruction.

First jump was on the way home at Crestview Florida with a waitress I met the night before. I immediately noticed the very nice difference that moving the drogue six inches forward made. No more head down.

I don't know how any tandem system can be made less "stiff". To me, however, it's quite comfortable.

The new passenger harness should be used on all current and older systems, because there's nothing better. It takes some serious attention to the instructions on how to harness the passenger, but once you have that nailed, there should never be an incident caused by a passenger saying "I can't pick my feet up." A properly harnessed passenger can simply pick up their knees and be SET in the harness. I sometimes push them down a bit.

The only bugs are tuck tabs that don't always stay tucked and a cutaway cable housing on the left that sticks out too far.

After 300 jumps on the EZ 425 I switched to a Sigma 395. Wow. Nice openings, easy toggle pressure, quick turns and not nearly as difficult to bag as earlier thought.

All in all, after 29 months of owning a Sigma Tandem Rig, I say GO for it.

P.S. See why people died on tandems in the past, and realize that the cause of about a third of them was an out of sequence deployment. Can't happen on Sigma.

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Definitely the direction that Tandem jumping needs to be taking. Obviously the first thing on the highlight reel is the drogue release system, amazing! You just can't deploy out of sequence if it's packed correctly, which is very simple. It is very easy to check for a cocked drogue and a quick look at the disc is all that's nescessary to ensure proper droge attachment. The drogue suspension point is much improved over the old system, it keeps you head high and allows for much more control with your legs. I find it hard to find fault with the old 386 ZP canopy but the new Sigma canopy is lighter on the controls and really zips around and flares nicely. Finally the student harness is much more comfortable and it puts them in a good position for landing, eliminating the need for the "sit back drill". If I had to find fault with the system, it would be that the
container is a little stiff and the way the student is suspended puts a little extra pressure on the JM's chest after opening, these are minor problems when compared to the huge step forward that this system represents.

John Wright

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