Serge Shakuto 

I was dreaming about skydiving since I remember myself. My father was a paratrooper and an artist at the same time. All my childhood I was examining his army album, where in between photos he drew funny comics about life of skydivers. Probably it’s the best way to make your child dream about something.

Sadly, it took me too long to realize my dream. I was playing many extreme sports and became a professional action sports photographer, but due to some reasons I couldn’t start skydiving. The turning point for me was one project where I met Red Bull Skydive Team and Wolfgang Lienbacher. Guys inspired me and I put all the efforts to learn skydiving as soon as possible.

First time I put photo helmet ten months after my first jump. A month later my first pictures were published in media.

Skydiving is not my main occupation, but it is definitely one of my priority.

You can view more of Serge's photography on his website.