Tony Hathaway 

I started jumping in 1988. It took me 6 years to do my first 1000 jumps. Since then I have averaged 1000 jumps per year. I now have 6400 jumps (at time of publication, now standing at over 14 000).

I had already been interested in photography and decided to combine the two. With 750 jumps, I started jumping camera. First just filming my friends in Indiana, I now work as a full-time videographer based at Skydive City, in Zephyrhills, Fl. I have over 4000 jumps with a camera.

Many of my photographs have been published all over the world in Swedish, Australian, German, British,Greek, Finish, Saudi Arabian, and American magazines. I have had the cover of SKYDIVING. In PARACHUTIST, I have had 2 cover shots, 4 centerfolds, 2 photo finish, and many smaller shots for various articles, and ads.

My video work has been shown as the NBC DATELINE "picture of the week.", as well as on the TODAY show, FOX extreme sports network, FOX family channel, and many local T.V. stations.

I try to keep my photos as interesting as possible. I like to catch people having a good time in freefall. For people that don't jump, they can see faces and know it's not just a bunch of daredevils. Probably my favorite part of skydiving are the exits. That is the point of commitment. I like trying to get the right angle for any given exit to try to tell the whole story in one photograph.