Brent Finley 

Brent started skydiving at Skydive Arizona in 1991. He was only going to do it once... for the exit shot... Eight years later he's still at it and still loves getting a great exit shot.

"The moment you leave the plane is such a thrill, and as a photographer, it's a challenge as well."

Brent was an amateur photographer before he was a skydiver and after only 71 jumps, he put a camera on his head. A shot from his first roll of film (on jump 73) was used in a Skydive Arizona ad. Since then, his photographs have appeared in skydiving publications worldwide. He has also been Skydive Arizona's chief competition cameraman since 1997. This includes all Valentine's Money Meet's as well as 2 Nationals, 1 Collegiate, and 1 World Cup competition event. Other special events Brent has covered include 2 Women's World Record Events, the Arizona Challenge since 1997, POPS 100 way Record Dives, and the World Team 99 282-way record as well as the Go Fast 300-way record in Eloy.

Brent has also worked side by side with Joe Jennings on many car drops at Skydive Arizona as well as various TV shows like "Ripley's Believe it or Not!" (Giant Rubber Band Ball Drop) and "You Asked For It" (Living Room in Freefall)

"Working with Joe is always exciting! When you're on the ramp of the Skyvan or C-123 with a car pointed at you and you need to exit very close so you don't get too far away ... you can bet the adrenaline is flowing. Skydive Arizona draws so many talented people, it's hard not to get swept up in something exciting. The people in some of my most seen photographs include Greg Gasson, Dale Stuart, Joe Jennings, Omar Alhegelan, Arizona Airspeed, and Tamara Koyn (my first cover shot). I'm so fortunate to have learned and continued to skydive at Skydive Arizona."