Adam Rosen 

Adam began skydiving three years ago and has already made over 1400 skydives. He began freeflying early on and soon after had a video camera attached to his head. After working hard at flying video he added a still camera to his arsenal and has been producing vivid stills of freeflying ever since.

Adam grew up rock climbing and snow boarding across the country and was a rock climbing guide in the northeast. Ironically, his last day rock climbing was the day he made his first jump, a tandem, as part of a bachelor party weekend. From the beginning Adam's passion for life and academics transferred well into his skydiving. The majority of his time is spent at his job, where he is a first year resident in orthopedic surgery in Philadelphia. But even with the crazy hours Adam still finds time to travel and skydive.

His home dropzone is Skydive Cross Keys, located in Williamstown, New Jersey. There he coaches and load organizes as part of the Monkey Claw Freefly School. When his schedule permits he also flies camera for the team and has taken second place at both the SSI Pro Tour this year and the freefly exhibition nationals in Sebastian, Florida last season.

Adam has published articles and photos in both Parachutist and Skydive Magazine, which is distributed in the UK. He enjoys putting together technically difficult dives to test the skills of the flyers but he also loves the anticipation and creativity in going out with two or three people and flying around each other while incorporating every axis of flight. He continues to coach, load organize, compete and push the skills of his freeflying and at the same time captures the action on film.