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I would just like to publicly thank everyone who made this the best weekend of my life...

first off thanks to jason and all the staff and organizers of bridge day who did a great job

thanks to Jaap suter without you there is no way i could have jumped.

Nick DG it was a pleasure to talk with you. also thanks for all the great advise.

also thanks to the people who carried me to my car from the bar thursday nightB|:$

and to everyone else I had a great time. it changed my life. i can't wait until next time...

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I'm going to second that motion. This was, without a doubt, the best weekend of my life as well.

Jason, you and your staff organize a kickass event.

Avery, you rule. I can't thank you enough for the free use of your gear and for your endless generosity.

Big thanks to the guys that did the filming and photography as well.

Before I made my first jump, I thought I knew what to expect. I guess the only thing that I was actually fully correct about was that it would change me forever and that I would continue to pursue it. The second jump was even more enlightening. There are no words to explain it, as only you people could possibly know.

See you all at BD next year, and by then I hope to have made many more jumps!
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thanks for this thread, I feel the same way!
I know I will be frequenting this forum a whole lot more now, there is so much to learn and consider!

I did 2 jumps at BD this year, my first time ever doing BASE and man, words cannot express the awe-inspiring thoughts I have about my first time doing a BASE jump.

Thanks to everyone who made Bridge Day possible, without all your guys' help I might not have got to experience the sweetest thing in my life! :)Sarah
Hope to meet more of you at BD 2006!! :)

Mother to the cutest little thing in the world...

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