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    • 29 May 2020 Until 31 May 2020
      Please visit https://www.Xcelskydiving.com for course information and details. Our calendar is online where you can register and get more info. If you have any question please contact us at info@xcelskydiving.com or text/call to 615-504-9791, We use WhatsApp for foreign skydivers (0016155049791). Also check us out on FB.
    • 30 May 2020 Until 01 June 2020
      Our course is the most thorough “modern” & relevant coach-training program. NOBODY DOES IT BETTER!  USPA/SDU Coach course provides you with all fundamentals to begin Coaching or Instructional ratings.  The course covers teaching methodology, psychology, skill analysis and problem solving, supervision and provides a curriculum to train students for group skydiving and the A license requirements.  
    • 30 May 2020 06:00 AM Until 01 June 2020 06:00 PM
      Join The Flying Dutchmen Boogie 2020!

      Saturday 30 May
      Sunday 31 May
      Monday 1 June

      We'll have coaching / organized jumps for everyone, FF (HU, HD, Trace) and FS.
      - Paulien de Vries
      - TBA

      Burgers, party and raffle at the club on Saturday evening.

      Registration fee:
      Members: 15€ / day or 35€ for the weekend
      Non-members: 20€ / day or 50€ for the weekend
    • 02 June 2020 Until 08 June 2020
      Our course is the most thorough “modern” & relevant freefall instructor-training program. Our Freefall Instructor Course is an all-inclusive course requiring no pre-course.  SDU runs a simple to complex progression that trains you in clear steps to gain the tools of a professional freefall instructor. The course is 5 days plus two weather days. For more info: 386-801-8510
    • 04 June 2020 Until 05 June 2020
      Welcome to Trackdayz at Skydive Algarve! 

      Awesome tracking event in the Algarve. Join us to learn and sharpen your tracking skills and to be a part of epic tracking jumps by the sea.

      Two full days of action packed tracking jumps organised by a top FF load organiser.

      What to expect:

      We separate the groups based on number of participants and skill level to be sure the groups fly safely.

      Every level is welcome as long as you meet the qualifications below. The LO will be leading you on tracking jumps, focusing on improving your skills and having a blast doing it.

      REGISTRATION: 15 € per person per day.
      QUALIFICATIONS: 200 jump minimum and group tracking experience.
      If you have less than 200 jumps and wish to improve, we have 1-on-1 coaching available.

      Minimum: 6x participants

      Contact us for more details and to book your slot! info@skydivealgarve.com
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