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Since 2003 Skydive Ratings has helped thousands of skydivers from all over the world become the best skydiving instructors they can be.
Bram Clemet has carefully created and perfected programs for all ratings, to insure the most professional and safe courses with up-to-date teaching methods. Our goal is to help you reach yours!


Coach Course:
This is a 3 day course where we cover the basics of teaching skydiving.
It consists of three different teaching and training components; classroom, interactive and of course in-air skill.
Once graduated, you will have the confidence and all the right tools to coach students.

AFF Course:
This is a 6 day course. We start with a pre-course where we go over the AFF program as a whole. We look at different teaching techniques as well as mental and physical preparations for you and your future students.
The corse itself is a mix of classroom and in-air evaluations.
Being a Skydive Ratings AFF-I means you have the skills to teach any student! and that is something to be proud of!

Tandem Course:
This is a 3 day course with an extra one or two days for candidates who want to complete phase 2 during the course.
One day in the classroom and the rest in the sky!
Enrolling in a Tandem Instructor course at Skydive Ratings means you’ll get state-of-the-art gear, regardless of which manufacturer you're going for, paired with the most amount of tandem training front rides in the world!


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