Parasummer 2020 - the coolest island boogie in Estonia


This event repeats every day until 07/17/2020

Event details

Dear skydiver, we invite you to the coolest island boogie in Estonia!

Parasummer 2020 will be taking place on 11 – 18 July 2020 in Kuressaare – the capital of the biggest island in Estonia – Saaremaa. Hosted by Skydive Estonia. Make sure you invite your fellow skydivers as well!

Why to attend?

  • Coolest and biggest boogies in the region
  • Innhopp to Abruka Island
  • Demo landing to Raiekivi Säär
  • Beach landings
  • Coaching and load organizing in formation skydiving, freefly, canopy formation and wingsuit
  • Free load organising by Kate Cooper-Jensen (FS), Marco Arrigo (FS), Heidi Lindewall (FF), Matti Miilumäki (FF) and Pasi Pirttikoski (CF)
  • Jumping with a wonderful island view
  • Parasummer has been selected as one of three official training camps for preparing for the European canopy formation record

But of course parties, sauna, beautiful island scenery, sandy beaches, good people, great vibes. In general, the best possible reasons to book your summer vacation for that week and come join us in celebrating Parasummer 2020! Take your friends and family with you!


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