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Are you interested in learning more about 4-way and progressing to the next level in freefall skills? This 2 day introduction camp is aimed at newer skydivers who wish to learn more about competitive 4-way in a fun and stress-free environment. You can expect to:

• Be matched with others to form a team
• Receive an introductory seminar explaining all you need to know about 4-way and Blast
• Get full briefs and debriefs of each jump
• Have a dedicated camera flyer on each jump for comprehensive debriefs
• Canopy flights and landings filmed and debriefed
• Receive packing assistance
• Weather day seminars on packing, spotting, canopy control and gear maintenance planned

Blast is a category of 4-way competition that has been simplified and is aimed at newer skydivers, or skydivers new to 4-way and competition in general. The NSW State Championships and Australian National Championships includes the Blast category. This training camp is a great opportunity to meet prospective teammates and maybe get involved in a competition.

This camp is limited to just 12 participants, so register now to avoid missing out!

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