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    12 July 2020      12 October 2020

    SkyonStage is an artistic skydiving game involving 5 different contests:
    Freefly/Freestyle 2 way (one performer one cameraflyer)
    Freefly/Skydance 3 way (two performers one cameraflyer)
    Freefly/Skydance 5 way (four performers one cameraflyer)
    Wingsuit acro 3 way (2 performers one cameraflyer)
    Skysurf (one performer one cameraflyer)
    One jump only. One Free Routine. Create your contest jump at any DZ of your choice. Mixed nationalities welcomed. Enter one contest only or all of them. Register your Teams within October the 12th 2020 and send your final choreography within December 1st 2020. Any of your training jumps that cover the video requirements (check Rule Book on the website) could be used later on as the contest routine, so if you like, you can start  creating your possible routine jump now and register later.
    Awards and medals for the winning teams. Special award for the competitor who entered most of the games and placed best Overall.
    10 Best choreographies per contest will be published on skyonstage website. All video routines will be pubblished on related skyonstage youtube and vimeo channel. Form your teams, have fun in creating a choreography, send your video

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    10 August 2020      14 August 2020

    Looking to get your (next) licence and progress with your skydiving journey? The Progression Week at Skydive Algarve is the event for you!
    We have several instructors on site who can help you with all the necessary briefs and exercises for the following federations:
    -British Parachute Association
    -US Parachute Association
    -Portuguese Parachuting Federation

    This can include:
    -Packing courses
    -Canopy courses 
    -1-on-1 coaching
    -Water training (subject to availability)
    and more!

    There are no set dates for each activity - simply register and we will assess your requirements and make a plan for the week upon arrival.
    Registration: 60€ 
    (this registration fee is non-refundable)
    BOOK YOUR PROGRESSION WEEK NOW - at and select the Progression Week Option

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    • 23 July 2021 Until 29 July 2021
      Our course is the most thorough “modern” & relevant freefall instructor-training program. Our Freefall Instructor Course is an all-inclusive course requiring no pre-course.  SDU runs a simple to complex progression that trains you in clear steps to gain the tools of a professional freefall instructor. The course is 5 days plus two weather days. For more info: 386-801-8510
    • 23 July 2021 07:00 AM Until 01 August 2021 05:00 PM
    • 30 July 2021 Until 01 August 2021
      Our course is the most thorough “modern” & relevant coach-training program. NOBODY DOES IT BETTER!  USPA/SDU Coach course provides you with all fundamentals to begin Coaching or Instructional ratings.  The course covers teaching methodology, psychology, skill analysis and problem solving, supervision and provides a curriculum to train students for group skydiving and the A license requirements.  
    • 12 August 2021 Until 15 August 2021
      The annual Viking boogie is on again this year at Skydive Hoogeveen in the Netherlands.
      Great atmosphere C208 supervan(s) Internationally recognised FS and FF organising FS - Herman Landsman others to be confirmed soon Great food Amazing people Onsite campground Campfire BBQ More... Depending on the covid restrictions at the time of the boogie the big hot tub might even be back :-) There are no guarantees but te expectation is that travel restrictions to and from at least most European countries will be lifted by the time the boogie takes place.
      Check the boogie info page for up-to-date info
      Limited slots available: Registration to open on june 15.
    • 11 September 2021 Until 12 September 2021
      This is the Nationals for beginning skydivers. All rookie skydivers from any dropzone are welcome to participate in this 3-way scrambles style competition.
      Teams change each round based on a random draw, but will always include one experienced ‘coach’ (members from SDC Rhythm XP, SDC Core, Rook Nelson and more!). Scores will be judged by an officially rated judge and prizes are awarded to the top three individuals.
      The winner will take home a Rookiefest Trophy that will give the DZ bragging rights that they produce the best students!
      We invite jumpers from all dropzones to participate. At the end of the first day join us for a brief seminar on topics that cover gear, canopy, exits, safety, competitive skydiving, formation skydiving and more! In the evening come to our famous Tiki bar to enjoy dinner and drinks.
      To be eligible to participate you must have met the following requirements as of September 2020 (so as long as you would have been eligible to compete last year you can participate this year):
      Rookie skydivers can participate in up to 2 Rookiefest Competitions, provided they meet either of these criteria:
      • Less than 200 total jumps OR
      • Less than 2 years in the sport as a Rookie
      Registration now open!
      Also fill out the google form HERE so we can ensure appropriate gear and coach match-ups!
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