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    13 September 2019      15 September 2019
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    14 September 2019      15 September 2019

    Welcome to Trackdayz at Skydive Algarve! --Informação em portugês abaixo--

    Awesome tracking event in the Algarve. Join us to learn and sharpen your tracking skills and to be a part of epic tracking jumps by the sea.

    Two full days of action packed tracking jumps organised by Zemi Abreu.

    What to expect:

    We separate the groups based on number of participants and skill level to be sure the groups fly safely.

    Every level is welcome as long as you meet the qualifications below. Zemi will be leading you on tracking jumps, focusing on improving your skills and having a blast doing it.

    REGISTRATION: 15 € per person per day.
    QUALIFICATIONS: 200 jump minimum and group tracking experience.
    If you have less than 200 jumps and wish to improve, we have 1-on-1 coaching available.

    Minimum: 6x participants

    Contact us for more details and to book your slot!
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    13 September 2019 12:00 AM      16 September 2019 12:00 AM

    Has your job got you down? Do you feel sad leaving the dz and going to back to your "real" job? Would you like your new office view to be from freefall? is offering a tandem course at Skydive Chicago. Contact us for more details. A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your slot in this course. Deposit will go towards jump tickets. CANDIDATE REQUIREMENTS: *Must be over 18 *Hold or has held any USPA Coach or Instructional rating *Earned a USPA D License or Foreign Equivalent *must have a *USPA D License if using tandem rating in the USA *Logged 500 jumps on a ram-air canopy * Logbook required!* *Logged 100 jumps in the last 12 months *A minimum of three years in parachuting *Presented a FAA Class 3 Medical Certificate or military or foreign equivalent COURSE FEES: Course fees are $600 + jumps slots (2 slots for tandem) + packing + SIGMA rig rental. The rig rental + packing will be approximately $50 per jump with rental agreement. Required number of jumps to complete course: 1 tandem front ride, 1 solo jump + 3 additional Proficiency Jumps with an Evaluator, then 5 additional Post-Course Jumps. REGISTER AT
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    14 September 2019 12:00 PM

    $25 per person. Call manifest to sign up (570) 420-1011.
    Meet at STL at 8 AM and bring a bathing suit, towel, and logbook!
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  • Upcoming Events

    • 19 September 2019 Until 22 September 2019
      Boogie at Skydive Moab. Flying Twin Otter and PAC. Load organizers of all disciplines present, nighttime activities, camping, ect. Around 200 people may be present.
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    • 25 September 2019 Until 26 September 2019

      Our Active Piloting canopy course teaches you to be a pilot, not a passenger. Experience every control input your canopy has to offer, and learn to fly where you want to go in a range of wind conditions. Try out precision turns and start playing with front risers up high to fully understand the speed your wing is capable of. Gain the tools to deal with difficult situations. We’ll even have you trying out some crosswind landings! Learn how to use your body position to control the canopy and keep you safer at the same time. Improve your flying more than you thought possible. You will leave a more capable and much more assertive canopy pilot. Fly with newfound confidence.

      • For pilots who want to:
      • Become a pilot, not a passenger
      • Deal with different wind conditions
      • Fly their canopy where they want to go
      • Learn precise and accurate inputs
      • Experiment with front risers up high
      • Learn to use harness inputs
      • Utilize their body position
      • Know how to prevent a low turn
      • Practice half-braked approaches
      • Land crosswind safely
      • Fly with confidence

      COACH: Bruno Geada
      Bruno Geada started skydiving in 1999 and began his professional skydiving career in 2004, since then has accumulated 5300+jumps.
      Canopy control has always been a big passion of his, so in 2013 he created the Fly Safe Canopy Control Courses for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced skydivers and in 2015 joined 'The Canopy School.' He's currently based in the Algarve, south of Portugal, where he works for Skydive Algarve as an Instructor and Canopy Coach.

      2 day course, 8 jumps included: 408.20€
      (non-refundable 75 € deposit to book)
      Combined The Canopy School 1.1 and 1.2 Courses
      5-6 hours
      Completed AFF and consolidation jumps

      To book your place, please go to the following link where you can book directly

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    • 25 September 2019 12:00 AM Until 12:00 AM
      Canopy Course with Josh Colby *all levels*. Register with manifest at Skydive Chicago. For additional details visit
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    • 26 September 2019 12:00 AM Until 29 September 2019 12:00 AM
      This Coach Course is offered to at 100+ jumps. Your not ready to Coach?!? That's ok! It is still the perfect time to get back into a class room and learn what you don't know, ask questions, be challenged and have a lot of fun doing it!! Learn about advanced body flight and how to use it in a coaching capacity! In a nutshell the goal of the Coach is to 1) Be There, 2) Observe, and 3) Report. The most challenging parts of this course is learning the relevant parts of the Skydiving Information Manual & Instructor Rating Manual and applying your newly developed skills in your Ground Evaluations. For the Air Evaluations, you should be able to stay within 20 feet proximity of your “student”. CANDIDATE REQUIREMENTS: · Must be a current USPA member · At least 18 years of age · USPA B license or higher · Minimum of 100 jumps To register visit
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    • 27 September 2019 Until 29 September 2019
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