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    25 May 2019      29 May 2019

    Hard Facts:
    Date: May 25-29, 2019
    Location: Skydive Pink Klatovy, CZ
    Jump Tickets: € 33,– (€ 29,50 for VIP Members)
    Camp fee: € 350,– incl. Briefing, Debrief, Lunchsnack
    Registration: – LIMITED Slots!

    We are happy to welcome Anna Moxnes back in Klatovy. As a member of the JoyRiders and ZionFreefly she is a well known organizer of bigways and records across the globe.

    This is an intermediate camp with limited slots.
    Who is intermediate?
    "Someone who has mastered the necessary skills to be in a group on level and in slot, so can start to push towards more transitions and complex dive plans"
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    25 May 2019      10 June 2019

    Join the Pink Skyvan at the home base in the Czech Republic
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    25 May 2019      08 June 2019
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  • Upcoming Events

    • 26 June 2019 Until 28 June 2019
      Learn all the skills it takes to get your USPA coach rating with Dave Pancake.

      -at least 100 jumps and B license
      -Have the 80 question test from the IRM completed and signed off on proficiency card
      -Must have an up to date( no older than two years) SIM and IRM, both available in the CK store
      -assist in a ground school and signed off on proficiency card.

      Contact Pancake directly if you have any questions!

      Pancake - 856-404-5259 -
      Email Address Website
    • 27 June 2019 12:00 AM Until 01 July 2019 12:00 AM
      Has your job got you down? Do you feel sad leaving the dz and going to back to your "real" job? Would you like your new office view to be from freefall? is offering a tandem course at Skydive Chicago. Contact us for more details. A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your slot in this course. Deposit will go towards jump tickets. CANDIDATE REQUIREMENTS: *Must be over 18 *Hold or has held any USPA Coach or Instructional rating *Earned a USPA D License or Foreign Equivalent *must have a *USPA D License if using tandem rating in the USA *Logged 500 jumps on a ram-air canopy * Logbook required!* *Logged 100 jumps in the last 12 months *A minimum of three years in parachuting *Presented a FAA Class 3 Medical Certificate or military or foreign equivalent COURSE FEES: Course fees are $600 + jumps slots (2 slots for tandem) + packing + SIGMA rig rental. The rig rental + packing will be approximately $50 per jump with rental agreement. Required number of jumps to complete course: 1 tandem front ride, 1 solo jump + 3 additional Proficiency Jumps with an Evaluator, then 5 additional Post-Course Jumps. REGISTER AT
      Email Address Website
    • 28 June 2019 Until 30 June 2019
      Tandem Instructor Course fee: (USPA/Manufactures rating)
      500.00. Dollars.
      ** This includes USPA & UPT rating fees**

      Gear rental and lift tickets for you and your passenger will be based on your DZ Charges.
      (Paid to the DZ)

      If the DZ is paying me directly that’s fine as well. Just let me know and make sure you know their charges.

      EXAMPLE… FOR 10 JUMPS (Will depend on DZ Charges)
      500.00 Course
      500.00 Jump Tickets (Plan for 10 jumps w/ passenger)
      250.00 Gear rental (Current local DZ prices apply. Packjob not included)


      **** Pack jobs are not included. ****

      USPA membership
      Hold or have held a USPA Instructor Rating
      Hold a USPA D-license.
      Have a current FAA class 3 medical
      Pre-requisites on the USPA Tandem proficiency Card should be signed off
      (Items 1-8 if you are a coach and at item 1-2 if you are already a USPA instructor in another discipline)
      Have a current SIM & IRM (no older than 24 months)
      ** Can have digital copy available from USPA website**
      Tests USPA (Completed prior course and are all open book).

      If you ARE NOT an instructor from another discipline take
      the General USPA Instructor Exam located in the IRM, Appendix B.
      & Tandem Instructor Exam

      UPT / Sigma
      18 years of age
      At least 500 ram-air jumps
      3 years in the sport
      USPA D-license or foreign equivalent
      Hold an USPA Coach and or instructional rating
      Hold an FAA class 3 medical certificate or foreign equivalent
      Test UPT / SIGMA
      Sigma Test (new) and have a copy of the Sigma manual. (Manual can be downloaded on laptop or tablet)


      2018 Instructional Rating Manual (IRM)

      2018 Skydiver's Information Manual (SIM)

      Tandem Instructor Rating Course Proficiency Card

      UPT / SIGMA
      Email Address Website
    • 29 June 2019 Until 07 July 2019
      RW Semiar and FF Seminar
      RW and FF Load Organizing
      Email Address Website
    • 29 June 2019 Until 03 July 2019
      RW seminar during the Pink Waldviertel Boogie
      130 Euro +Tickets
      Email Address Website
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