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Submissions for Logbook Entry Book

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Laurie Steel and co-author A.T. Clinger are working on a skydiving book and are looking for support from the skydiving community. We are looking to represent the sport in a way that has yet to be explored, and give both other skydivers as well as non-jumpers a view of our world.

What we ask from personnel at your drop zone is that they pick out their two favorite or most memorable logbook entries (whether new or old ones), and have them photocopied and sent to us. We would like to make a collection of these pages, as well as a one-page biographical section for each contributor and a quote to be placed under each person's entry. Intermixed with the bios and logbook entries will of course be the requisite cool skydiving pictures that we all love so much! In short, those of you who would contribute to this project will have the privilege of being immortalized in a book about our sport.

This project isn't expected to make much in the way of revenue, so all we can offer is the chance for recognition for being one of the few that has experienced the ultimate freedom of human flight. Drop zone personnel are asked to forward this letter to all of your skydivers, both famous (as well as infamous) and low-timers to get total representation of our sport from all angles. We all deserve to be famous for something--why not for something we all love?

Interested parties may e-mail the authors at the following addresses for more specific info:

[email protected] or [email protected]

Those who are interested may send photocopies of their logbook entries, as well as any photos they wish to be included to either of the following Addresses:

Book Info

6549 34th terrace north

St. Petersburg Florida 33710


Book Info

902 Northwood Dr. A-8

Murray, Kentucky 42071

**When Logbook entries are received, we will send a biographical info form for contributors to fill out**

**Photos will not be returned, so please make re-prints of your originals**

Logbook entries may also be faxed to the following #:


Blue Skies!

A.T. Clinger and Laurie Steel



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