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Saving lives with your computer

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Dropzone.com users have formed a team to help with a world-wide effort to understand proteins and their role in certain diseases. It is called "[email protected]" and this effort is already producing results. Some of you may have heard about [email protected], and it's search for extraterrestrial intelligence by scanning the skies with radio telescopes and analyzing the signals they pick up from space.

[email protected] ([email protected]) works much the same way, in that analysis of data is shared by many computers. Collectively, many computers become one, huge, super-computer. This "super computer" studies protein folding, misfolding, aggregation, and related diseases. Something much more meaningful to most of us than searching for extraterrestrial intelligence.

To help in this effort is very easy. You simply download a program from http://folding.stanford.edu/. And install it on your computer. The program only runs when you are not using your computer, so it doesn't interfere with any work you are doing.

When you install the program, you can also join the Dropzone.com team. Simply put "31515" for your team number. You can also do this later, or change to a different team at any time.

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