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Big Air Sportz - New Structure and Pricing

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Tampa, FL -- Big Air Sportz, Inc., makers of high performance airlocked sport parachutes, has slashed retail prices on its Samurai and Lotus models of airlocked canopies. The new retail price of $1,499 US is the same for any size of Samurai or Lotus canopy. Add-on options are additional to this new low price.

These new aggressive price changes serve to promote more factory-direct orders and more intimate contact with customers.

Big Air CEO and Head of Research and Development, Brian Germain, also announced a shift from traditional "dealers" to a network of "Field Representatives." "The Field Representatives are the voice of Big Air out in the field… Quite simply, the Reps are our connection to the customer," said Germain. "This means that the educational materials published by Big Air Sportz are prerequisite reading," he added. Further, applicants must pass a written examination.

A field rep is expected to be knowledgeable about canopy flight and the Big Air models of canopies to effectively promote and match customers to appropriate canopies and sizes. For more information on becoming a Big Air Sportz Field Representative, please contact Big Air Sportz at 813.788.4444 or [email protected].

And, finally, effective March 1, 2003, Andy Frey comes on-board as the Marketing Director for Big Air Sportz, Inc. Andy has been flying Brian Germain's airlocked canopy designs since 1995. He can be contacted at [email protected].



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