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Beatles fall from the sky?

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It isn't every day you see John Lennon drop out of the sky. Or Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, for that matter. Well, the skydivers at Lisle Eyes to the Skies Balloonfest Sunday weren't actually the four mopheads from Liverpool themselves, but they looked an awful lot like them.

The Flying Beatles skydiving exhibition, complete with an American flag held by one of the "band members," was the pinnacle of a "Beatle-ful" day at the Lisle festival.

In a celebration of the true millennium this year, the Eyes to the Skies committee wanted to bring in bands commemorating every decade from the 1960s on, said co-chairman Wayne Dunham, and each day of the festival would honor a different decade. But for Sunday, they wanted something a little different.

"We thought, let's get a group that encompasses the last 50 years," Dunham said.

Who better than The Beatles?

So Dunham found three popular Beatles cover bands - "1964" ... The Tribute, British Export and Revolver - to play songs from three separate phases in the band's career.

The Flying Beatles, a skydiving group out of Ohio, were the final ingredient of the day, jumping both when the festival opened and then later on in the evening, equipped with lighted jumpsuits.

But Joe Maude of Glen Ellyn said he was a bit confused.

"They had the American flag between them," he said. "Shouldn't they have had the British flag?"

He and his wife Sue brought their 8- and 10-year-old sons - both avid Beatles fans - to the festival specifically to see the tribute bands.

"We have a 15-year-old daughter who wouldn't come because the Beatles aren't hip," he said with a laugh.

But there were hundreds of people sitting on a hill listening to the bands that thought otherwise.

"We actually had several hundred people on the hillside before we opened," Dunham said.

Tim Bedore of Naperville said he was impressed with the Eyes to the Skies music selection this year.

"I think there should be more copy bands at fests, and The Beatles are the best of the bunch," he said. "I'd rather hear this than some band from the '70s that only had a few hits."



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