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Turned On by Hypoxic

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In May of 2014 the skydiving-focused electronics company Hypoxic began a Kickstarter campaign that sought out a goal funding of $30,000 in order to develop a status indicator for the GoPro action camera. Despite dominating the market for several years, neither GoPro or its primary competitors come with a feature or piece of hardware that allows the user to easily determine the status of the camera or its recording. For sports where the GoPro is mounted out of sight, such as the popular helmet mounting method, this can often cause hesitation when trying to remember whether you may have pressed record or whether you put the SD card back. Hypoxic's goal was to try and provide a useful and easy way of determining whether the camera is functioning as it should, while also removing that hesitation from the minds of the jumper.

As quoted from the Kickstarter page: "In our sports, these uncertainties are not just unsettling: they’re dangerous. As an athlete, you know: before riding down this line, starting this race, jumping out of this plane, launching down this mountain, you need an absolutely clear head. Nothing good can happen when personal safety takes a backseat to a blinking light."

By the end of June last year, the Kickstarter campaign had raised $43,049, more than $13,000 over the original target amount. Incentives for backers ranged from stickers for those that pledged $5 or more, to Turned On units with early shipping for backers that pledged over $180.
Over the past 6 months the Kickstarter units have been sent to the backers of the campaign and were well received. The Turned On units have now begun shipping to outlets and are available for public purchase.

What Does It Do?

The Turned On unit makes use of 3 colored LED lights to provide information as to the status of the camera. When the camera is recording, the light will be solid red. When it is on standby a blue light will be displayed. When an error is present it will display either a solid yellow or a flashing yellow light. When the light is flashing yellow, it indicates a potential impending interruption to recording, such as low card space, low battery or high temperature. A solid yellow light indicates an error and in this case, the camera will not be able to record, such as in situations where the card is missing or corrupt.

The device will work in all modes, and show the active recording light whether you're recording video or shooting a series of images in burst mode.

What separates the Turned On indicator from other indicators on the market is the detailed level of information provided. Most other indicators simply use an on/off system that will display whether or not the camera is recording or even just whether the power is on, which is often unreliable - especially in cases when the camera may be in stand by mode.

Compatibility and Support

Currently there is limited compatibility with the Turned On, and will require one of the following GoPro cameras: GoPro Hero 4 Black, GoPro Hero 4 Silver, GoPro Hero 3+ Black, GoPro Hero 3 Black.

Supported Versions

GoPro Hero 4 Black - v1.02.00

GoPro Hero 4 Silver - v1.0.2.00

GoPro Hero 3+ Black - v1.04.00

GoPro Hero 3 Black - v3.00.00

There are two build of the Turned On available, the H3+/H4 and the H3. The H3+/H4 is designed for use with the GoPro Hero 3+ and GoPro Hero 4 cases, while the H3 model is for use with the GoPro Hero 3 case.

Hypoxic are already looking to expand the development to include more of the GoPro models and claim to be exploring compatibility that goes back to the GoPro Hero 2.

Where to Get One?

Dealers that are listed with selling the Turned On units are as follows:

Chuting Star - Skydive the Farm, GA

Patrick Kaye - Skydive Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Para-Gear - Skokie, IL

Ranch Pro Shop / Tonfly USA - Skydive the Ranch, NY

The Drop Shop - Skydive Chicago

Gold Coast Skydivers - Gold Coast Skydivers, LA

Sunshine Factory - ZHills, FL

Rock Sky Market - Chicago Skydive Center, IL

Xtreme Video - Skydive Carolina, Chester, SC

HYPOXIC - Chandler, AZ

As of the release of this article, the MSRP for the Turned On units was listed as $99.

More information and installation guides can be found on the Turned On Website.



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User Feedback

I picked up a Turned On this year at the SdAz Christmas Boogie. What an amazing product. I missed videos all the time and hevent missed one since. Thanks Trunk! This is an amazing product. I can focus on the jump at exit time instead of fiddling with my camera and double checking if it's on and recording. Its also helped me remember to turn off my camera after each jump so my battery end out lasting longer.

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