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Parachute Systems Service Bulletin for Vortex Container

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PRODUCT SERVICE BULLETIN 2016-01 (PSB # 2016 - 01)
4th January 2016

SUBJECT: Stainless Steel Mini Base Ring

STATUS: Ground Equipment Until Further Notice


Affected Vortex Rigs: To be updated ASAP.

Subject to a notification on Saturday, Jan 2nd, 2016, from our dealer in Holland that a stainless steel mini base ring presented with a problem on a Vortex container on its fourth jump (DOM October 2014), we are immediately advising all customers with a Vortex that has “DSF” stamped base rings (flip the base ring over and if its stamped DSF) to ground their equipment until we can ascertain which batch is impacted and obtain more detail from the manufacturer. We are diligently pursuing this information in as quick a time as possible. We will post serial numbers of potentially affected Vortex's as soon as we have the manufacturers’ confirmed information and steps that need to be taken to resolve this issue.

Please be assured that Parachute Systems will make all efforts as quickly as possible to resolve this issue.

Discussions regarding this issue are being discussed on Parachute Systems' Facebook page.

This bulletin will be updated as more information on the affected containers are provided.

UPDATE - Permanent Grounding For All Vortex Harness Containers With DSF Ring

An update has been provided by Parachute Systems that has seen the permanent grounding of all Vortex containers with the affected DSF ring.

"While the hardware manufacturers believe the compromised stainless steel ring could be an isolated incident, and expert opinion has confirmed this is very possible, in the absence of being able to test every single ring quickly and efficiently, both companies have decided that they will not risk the possibility of even one Harness Container in the field with a potentially faulty stainless steel ring.

It has been decided, therefore, that every Vortex Harness Container with the stainless steel hardware as referenced in the Bulletin and stamped “DSF” BE GROUNDED PERMANENTLY"

This grounding does NOT pertain to the Vortex Harness Containers that do not have the referenced stainless steel hardware per the Bulletin and stamped “DSF">

It has been further agreed to by both companies, that EVERY Vortex harness container that has the stainless steel hardware as referenced in the initial Bulletin, will be replaced with a brand new identical Harness Container as the original order.

The replacement phase (VORTEX REPLACEMENT PROGRAM) will commence immediately and the closing date for the receipt of claims under this program is December 31st 2016."

More information available in the Service Bulletin

They have also made a recall form Available on Their Website



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