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Introducing UPT's Mutant Swoop Rig

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The Mutant is a purpose-built swoop harness and container system that is a swooping game changer!

Designed by Vince Reffet and Blikkies Blignaut, the Mutant is significantly different than a standard sport rig. The risers connect at the hips, similar to that of a speed flying harness, and control is initiated more by weight input than toggle pressure. The laid back, supine position of the pilot reduces drag which ensures a super long and fast swoop.

This innovation significantly changes the flying dynamics of the canopy which means the Mutant is not suitable for all flyers. Jumping the Mutant requires training and a high level of experience; those with speed flying harness experience will realize an easier transition than those with no supine harness experience.

Here's what some of the early testers have to say about the Mutant:

It only took me a few seconds under canopy to realize that the increase in performance with the Mutant was phenomenal.

The performance envelope is increased and the sensitivity through the harness is shocking. After a couple of jumps I up-sized to give me time to get used to the increased in control.

I feel like the harness adds another dimension to the canopy, like it's on steroids!

-Pete Allum

The biggest benefit from flying a MUTANT harness is that you can control your pitch angle just by using weight shift , there is no need to pull the front risers to dive neither to use the rear risers to recover if done right, just leaning forward makes you dive and leaning backwards helps you to recover with less wing distortion as you barely apply any input on the rears.

-Pablo Hernandez

This harness is so awesome! It is the most comfortable harness period.

It's the next step up in high performance parachute flying. Relearning to fly using the hip attachments is fun and challenging. The mutant harness automatically makes you feel like you just down-sized. It turns your katana into a velocity and velo into a peregrine.

-Jarrett Martin

"I think the name says it all :D Mutant. A hybrid between a paragliding harness and a skydiving one. I have been intrigued by it since the first time I heard about it and when I saw it I realized it is the obvious step ahead. It is very fun to fly but because it is so different, we will have to relearn and redefine a lot of what we know about swooping. The skydivers with a paragliding/speedflying background will have an easier transition to it. I am excited to figure it out even though I know it might take me some time. It is definitely worth the effort. The next generation of skydiving harnesses is finally here!"

-Cornelia Mihai

My bro and teammate Vince Reffet has been working on it for a long time and I can only thank him for putting all these efforts into it!! This harness is a door open to a new era of skydiving, it's been a long time that I didn't have that much fun under canopy!!! I did a lot of speed riding and paragliding and the mutant is a way to get the power of the canopy control that you can have under a paragliding wing but in skydiving! such a blast to go from a position that is standing up to seating and then be able to use the weight to move so fast and so powerful!! it is really a new world. thank you vine and thank you UPT!!!

-Fred Fugen

Stay tuned for updates about the Mutant release.



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User Feedback

I hate to be a debbi downer but I'm predicting there will be an uptick in spinal injuries with these. With the typical skydiving rig the femur seems to be the break that happens the most. Now with the pilot more reclined the ass will most likely pound in first thus creating spinal injuries. These have been used for a long ass time in paragliding and it's taught to get out of the harness (the reclining position) when getting close to landing. The reason being is if you take a collapse (and that shit happens) you'll want your feet below you to attempt to make a PLF. Spinal injuries seems pretty common in paragliding similar to femurs in skydiving.
Just my 2 cents....I hope I'm wrong.

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