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Gear and Equipment

Toggles Matter - 2015-08-11 by Brian Germain

Toggles Matter It is often the little things in our skydiving day that change the way things go. Paying attention to the details can make all the difference when it comes to preventing malfunctions, and when we get ...
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Why Your Canopy Is Slapping You Around - 2015-07-20 by Annette O'Neil

Why Your Canopy Is Slapping You Around When you first got together, everything was great. A few tussles over crispy, slippery fabric were the biggest issues you two had. You packed carefully -- lovingly, even -- or you were at least...
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How To Buy Used Skydiving Gear (The Smart Way) - 2015-07-09 by Annette O'Neil

How To Buy Used Skydiving Gear (The Smart Way) Buying your first gear is an investment (and somewhat counterintuitive) but trust me: you will find it much more cost-effective to buy your first set of gear than to keep renting, but If this is your ...
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10 Things To Note Regarding Malfunctions - 2015-06-29 by Annette O'Neil

10 Things To Note Regarding Malfunctions If it hasnít happened yet, itís going to. Sure, there are skydivers with thousands of jumps who have never had to make alternate nylon plans. But donít be fooled: your first reserve ride is not a...
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Digital or Analog Altimeter - 2014-07-14 by John Hawke

Digital or Analog Altimeter We all know there are some hot debates in our sport: RSL or no RSL, AAD dependency, and exit separation are well-known dead horses. Another topic certainly worthy of discussion is the choice...
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A Guide to Buying Your First Skydiving Gear - 2013-02-18 by Alain Bard popular

A Guide to Buying Your First Skydiving Gear In this article, Alain Bard lays down some advice on how to go about choosing your first set of skydiving gear, focusing on new vs used gear and in which order to buy.
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Less Weight, Feels Great - 2011-08-11 by DSE

Less Weight, Feels Great Tonfly is well known for their camera helmets. Designed in Italy, built in Slovakia, their carbon fibre helmet designs are a bit different than everyone else.
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Understanding your AAD - 2011-03-30 by Eric Boerger

Understanding your AAD With all the recent issues that have been brought up by the Argus AAD ban by multiple container manufacturers, I wanted to make sure that everyone knows that while most modern AADís have a similar...
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Voyages of a Skydiver - 2010-02-02 by DSE

Voyages of a Skydiver Logbooks are the basic standard of proving jump numbers in the world of skydiving. Jump numbers are a basic indicator of skydiving experience. A logbook may also be a means of keeping track of where...
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USPA & PIA Team to Revise FAA Repack Rule - 2008-12-18 by Jay Young

USPA & PIA Team to Revise FAA Repack Rule After years of effort by USPA and the Parachute Industry Association, the FAA has approved a new final rule that will lengthen the parachute repack cycle from 120 days to 180 days.
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Derek's Gear Tips - 2004-01-03 by Derek Vanboeschoten

Derek Vanboeschoten is a Senior Rigger, Tandem Master and AFF instructor with more than 3300 jumps. Derek also moderates the Gear & Rigging forum on where he first posted this list...
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Do Skydivers Care About Safety - 2003-08-17 by Bill Booth

Do Skydivers Care About Safety If I've learned one thing in my 35 years in the sport, it's that it is very difficult to get most skydivers interested in safety.
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Top 5 RSL myths - 2003-08-17 by Bill von Novak

Top 5 RSL myths I keep seeing the same arguments made against RSL's, over and over. Many of them are just myths, word-of-mouth anecdotal stories passed down for so long that their original meaning has gotten lost. I ...
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Inspecting your Gear - 2003-08-17 by Gary Peek

The following is a list of items on your main canopy assembly that you should inspect occasionally. This inpection should never be a substitute for a periodic inspection by a rigger but should...
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Personal Parachutes: The Ethics of Safety - 2001-10-19 by Heather Sinclair

As daunting as it is to think of, a parachute appears to be a logical and effective means of escape from a building. Why then have we never seen this technology in use? Simply put, it is not...
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AirLock - 1999-11-08 by Brian Germain

Many skydivers believe that airlocked parachutes are the way of the future, while others see the introduction of this new technology as a temporary fad. In this article I will discuss the pros and...
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How To Select The Right Canopy For You - 1999-10-30 by Nancy LaRiviere

In this article we will explore some of the questions you might ask when you go shopping for a parachute. While this advice is intended primarily for the novice jumper--just off instruction to one...
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Spot Cleaning of Nylon Parachute Fabric - 1999-10-30 by Mike Turoff

Most stains can be avoided by immediately wiping the stained area with an absorbent cloth or paper towel. Always handle the fabric carefully and treat the smallest area possible. The following...
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Top Ten Misconceptions About Zero-P Canopies - 1997-11-17 by Bill von Novak

A while back, I overheard a bunch of people discussing therelative merits of different types of canopies and materials forlow-time jumpers. I heard some interesting misconceptions aboutwhat's...
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Buying your first set of Kit - 1996-12-15 by Skydive Mag

If you have just achieved category 8, whether on the category system or through AFF, you will probably have between 20 and 40 jumps, possibly all on squares or mainly on rounds. If, like most people...
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How To Select A Parachute Container System - 1996-10-01 by John Sherman

There have been a lot of dissertations on parachute canopies. Little has been published about the harness and container system, because, while seemingly simple, they are infinitely complex.
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